Man for all seasons by Sue Hammans

"You are part of the matrix of reality, and you are becoming more and more aware as a global humanity that the matrix of reality is changing without your need to force it into being. It is happening and it is natural, and it is only a tiny change in the mathematics of angularity that will soon show itself in the form of things hidden becoming seen. These are not tricks of light, but the allowable physics of light-based perception due to a slight shift in dimensional addressing. If it’s mind-bending to you now, just allow it to come into focus internally. Soon you will see well enough the things we are sharing to be manifest and real."  -excerpt from Rematerializing by Theo through Maryann Rada

A wonderful and practical way to become a skilled healer is by gaining an understanding of color. Healing is an art, and like in many forms of art, color and sound play a huge part in this process. We are all familiar with the basic frequencies of the visible spectrum of light. Each one of the basic chakras that form our system is usually associated to a specific color or frequency, but we must take into account that each one of our chakras is not permanently hued or rigidly hued by these colors. For the most part, our eyes are geared with the capacity to perceive and translate certain frequencies into colors, but we are still limited to see beyond the visible spectrum. It is possible to see colors beyond the visible spectrum in meditation though.

The electromagnetic spectrum

Our chakras are in reality not limited to work with few frequencies but with a much wider range of frequencies translated into colors. You could say that we would look like white bright beings of light or an energy beyond white that cannot be seen at all. Therefore, the colors of our chakras or our fragments are not fixed.

Imagine that you have a conversation with an entity that looks black and yet you sense positive energies coming from that entity. Imagine that you hear a negative voice coming from a very bright white being. What is wrong in this case? Nothing at all. In this case the way we perceive the beings through colors, lights or shadows, is irrelevant. In other cases though, a color, or a combination of colors can tell us where there is an imbalance.

First of all, notice in the figure above the whole range of frequencies that exist in this universe. Notice how small is the visible spectrum compared to the rest of the frequencies. The solar energies are made up of many frequencies, including ultraviolet, X rays and Gamma rays. Within this range of frequencies you can see that the energies are cataloged like ionizing energies. When the solar energies come into our planet, the atmosphere becomes ionized. During these moments we become very sensitive to the movements of the energy and healing accelerates. I have observed that when solar radiation is high a lot of people complain that they see "negative entities" and that they "are being attacked by entities". What they are feeling is only the integration of painful wounds at all levels and they see projections in astral and etheric realms of memories of events that took place in physical in different timelines. More so, people claim to see more energies moving around them than usual and bright colors or shadows.

Misconceptions about colors and frequencies

Every single color is equally important for our wellness. The problems arise when we function more with certain frequencies and less with other frequencies.

During the last decades, many groups of people have been feeling drawn towards certain colors and the idea that some colors are more spiritual than others has been spread. In many ways, colors do help us bring forth many different qualities of our beloved Creation. That does not mean though, that certain colors must be used much more than others or that we must only become an archetype of one or a few of them.

There is some truth in the way people identify with these certain frequencies. Imagine that for millenia humanity in a third density reality has lived a very material cycle, using force as a means to survive. In such case the predominant frequencies, in simplistic terms of the visible spectrum, were red, orange and partly yellow.

  Many times the color red is associated to anger, rage and other negative emotions.

When the collective consciousness began shifting, the groups of people previously mentioned, who up to this day feel drawn towards colors of certain frequencies, felt the need to work more consciously with these in order to balance the previous cycles.

Unfortunately, there is also a huge imbalance when we use in excess frequencies like blue, violet, indigo, as well as other frequencies that attempt to balance the excessive use of the lower chakras, represented usually by red, orange and yellow frequencies (as perceived by the human eye) from the previous stages that we lived, along with the current collective energy.

Some of the positive qualities of the frequencies of the higher chakras (blue, violet and indigo) combined together are:

-Profficient in expressing emotions and ideas.

-Awareness of our connection to everything around us and Source.

-Connecting to the subtle realms and communication with Higher Self and other entities.

-A spirit of service to others and service to Creation as a whole.

-Sensitivity to the environment and the frequencies that surrounds us.

-High mental development and very intellectual in nature.

You can see then where the need to work with these frequencies come from, when considering that the negative uses of the lower chakras (red, orange and yellow frequencies)are:

-Dominant wounded personality that works through the use of brutal force and power.

-Anger, rage and resentment.

-Selfish motivations and greed.

-Excessive accumulation of material wealth and waste of physical resources.

-Waste of sexual energy.

-Lack of interest in all things spiritual.

-Giving the impression of being superficial.

This notion is the notion that many people within these groups have of our physical reality, but some are not fully aware of the opposite side of the coin, when working with such frequencies in these imbalanced ways:

 Feeling depressed, misunderstood and alienated.

When we do not acknowledge the aspects of our shadow self, and when we do not seem to understand our society, the following problems arise, which seem to be common nowadays:

Excessive use of frequencies in the higher chakras (blue, violet and indigo frequencies) and the negative manifestations of such imbalances:

-Arrogance and seeing oneself as spiritually superior to the rest of the people who do not share the same spiritual beliefs.


-Lack of energy and motivation.

-Communication problems and being inside one's thoughts without grounding.

-Feeling alienated from the rest of society, feeling different and misunderstood.

-Lack of real empathy based on unconditional love and the inability to see that everyone faces challenges in life.

-Inability to feel connected to the rest of society and to Earth.

-Lack of financial resources and worrying about money at all times.

On the other hand, the positive qualities of the lower chakra (red, orange and yellow) frequencies are:

-Feeling grounded, focused and energized.

-Having a healthy physical body and appearance and taking care of one's own needs.

-Feeling connected to Earth and society in general and being able to focus on doing many tasks throughout the day.

-Feeling motivated to work on activities that require physical work, as well as intellectual work.

-Being able to relate to others naturally, independently of their interests and beliefs, everything seems interesting and purposeful.

-Manifesting enough financial resources, along with other physical resources.

-Being able to spend time in crowded places without discomfort.

 In nature, all frequencies intermingle, giving as a result colorful pieces of art.

The green frequency associated to the heart is known by many as a healing color. This color is very soothing while at the same time it represents life. Think about this color as the middle point between the subtlest of energies and the densest forms of matter in the journey of the individual sparks of Creation known as souls.

Within the visible spectrum, green helps balance the above issues, but sometimes we are required to integrate into our soul the lost frequencies in its raw state without changing the colors.

In the heart of Creation, life blooms through an explosion of colors.

Within the dance of frequencies, God resides.


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