Figure. Eagle Medicine by Marie-Chantal Kindou

The history you have endured is far more destructive to the human spirit than your history books lead you to believe. You are the survivors through time of those who have witnessed unspeakable pain and violence to the human spirit. You have carried this shard of glass within your code through time to join together and present each shard to form a shimmering lens, a mirror reflecting the resilience of the human spirit, to see who you are in totality and to realize the aspirations of ancestors who watched their world die. You are the ones who will watch your world be born, and you will create the image of yourselves as a unified people when you extract the sharp splinter of personal tragedy from your inner heart and present it to the wave for Love to reassemble, each one a piece of light intrinsic to the whole of the One. In opalescence, this creation comes into being and in peace, the pieces form a new world free of pain and in recognition of Love finally in balance with sorrow, transforming it into the purity of sacred knowingness of separation’s end. - Pleiadian Renegades through Maryann Rada


So far we have explored some very simple yet powerful exercises and meditations. You carry great potential within yourself so now you are ready to explore a more integrative approach, based on the combination of previous exercises to tap into a greater perspective of your shared soul journey with your soulmates and Earth herself. Let us first examine briefly a concept that is well known by many, although not always fully understood: the Akasha or Akashic Records.

As stated in the introductory chapter, the astral and etheric layers of our being and of Earth contain different levels of consciousness and frequencies. The notion of the Akasha is very similar in that sense. At the level of trauma, when you tap into the nature of the lower astral layers, you can perceive what people call "hell". In these layers, the energies of people that carry the memories of traumas are seen like tormented souls and all kinds of demons, cursing whoever gets in their way...etc. These energetic imprints that in many cases look like scenes of horror being repeated over and over again demand us to do soul retrieval, in such a way that we bring back the energy of trauma that belongs to us from several timelines of experience, as well as the guidance towards the light of the other energies belonging to the other karmic participants, so that these can be integrated into their respective auras.

Figure. The Akashic records are like frames in a movie, when we heal, all the pieces come together to create memories of complete lifetimes.

However, these energies of trauma not always remain permanently stuck in the lower realms of spirit. In many cases, when so much soul trauma has taken place, the energies of the traumatized soul that left the energetic layers of the vessel ascend to the upper layers or higher realms, where there is no more suffering, very much like what happens when we die and reach the station of Light and Love of God. These energies act in many cases like spirit guides, which are aspects of our soul, carrying in their own memory a different personality from our current incarnation.

Unfortunately, many myths have risen from such complexity of the process of death and reincarnation and the nature of the layers of spiritual realms. One such myth is the one about the existence of evil beings that radiate false light. Refer to Chapter 7 in which an explanation about our perception of the colors of energies is provided, and the nature of our aspects residing in other dimensions.

Going back to the concept of the Akasha, when we tap into the memories of our painful previous incarnations, we might either perceive the lower layers of astral, where these traumas reside, consciously during meditation or simply in waking life, or in dream state. Normally, in dream state, everything is more confusing, being that integration and healing happens in such a way that pieces of aspects merge simultaneously and bits of information from different timelines also merge, creating a surrealistic mixture. In waking life something similar happens, in such a way that we might get a glimpse of the traumas but the quality of the information is very painful and confusing. This is the level in which we need to work, to be able to heal the traumas, and then reach into the integrated information within auric range that is sealed like a book, the authentic Akasha.

Imagine that in the following exercises you will become a time traveler. If you have already gained practice tapping into past life memories (layers of pain where traumas reside and/or pieces of information from your personal Akashic records) then these exercises will be easy to accomplish.


First of all, if you already know how to tap into past life information, this part will not be too difficult to accomplish. If you are still having trouble tapping consciously into past life memories, let us start with exercises that will assist you in tapping into the fluid emotional layers of information where you can gain access to some basic information of traumatic experiences.

Ask your inner guidance to show to you an important piece of information, of a situation that is affecting you at the moment. You will always be guided to see or perceive in some way something that you can handle. Know that no matter what you see, you are always protected by your own heart, and all positive forces that support you.

Before you do this exercise, I will share with you two simple examples of personal experiences, to give to you an idea.

In a very painful memory of a past life in which my boyfriend Corné and me were married to each other, he had a job and sometimes he would come back late at night, while I decided to spend time with someone else. One night my husband Corné came back at night expecting to find me cooking something for him. The house was dark and he was alone, so he felt very sad and lonely and he began drinking. We had lots of problems but this memory in particular was a very painful one to recall.

In another painful memory, I had a very close female friend. Over time we began having very serious conflicts, to the point of facing violent situations. What the aspects of my female friend and soul sister tell me is that in many past lives, because of communication problems and conflicts, I left her alone, and many of her attitudes were in a negative way, her way of letting me know that she wanted me to love her like my soul sister.

So you see that not only can you retrieve pieces of information of decisions that we made in other timelines that lead to disastrous results. The memories do not have to be clear all the time, sometimes the only thing that you need to do is to talk to the energies of the loved ones who harmed you or who you harmed first, to understand the root causes of such problems, or simple see the scenes for yourself in one way or another. In the next section, I will share with you some ways in which you can heal your relationship to your loved ones by changing the outcomes of those timelines, as many times as you desire, being an optional technique.


During past life recall, you might go through some very intense emotions, or mild ones, depending on the situation you are remembering, as well as physical discomforts. If this is the case, allow all the emotions to flow freely, it does not matter if you feel intense sadness, fear, heartbreak or even hate. All emotions should be accepted and embraced with an open heart for a full healing to take place. The more you allow yourself to feel, the better, and you might even end up crying, which is a very positive indication of healing.

If you notice that you come across the energies of the karmic soulmates involved in the traumatic experiences, you might need to talk to them with an open heart, or simply to set the intention to change the outcome of the traumatic experience through visualization.

I will give to you examples, based on the previous two experiences that I shared with you.

Figure. Memory of abandoned husband

In the first scenario, in which I hurt my boyfriend Corné in a past life in which we were married to each other, I imagined myself coming back home at night, hugging him and preparing a nice meal for him while he was sitting on a chair in front of the kitchen table. He was very happy, I could sense his energy changing. Another interesting thing that I noticed was that, even though I had arrived, his energy felt like he was already drunk. It was true in a sense, because in the original timeline, I did not arrive and he got very drunk and angry, so I could sense how, in spite of me being there for him, he was the same aspect that was drunk, whose energy was already shifting. I was guided to accept him in such situation and to give comfort to him. Slowly, his aspect began healing and I could feel the connection between our hearts, lots of healing tingles and warm energy flowing through my aura.

Figure. Two sisters by William Adolphe Bouguereau

In the second scenario, whenever the energy of my lost soul sister comes and she tells me that she feels sad, lonely and upset, I allow her to come to me, I give a hug to her with my heart wide open, and much healing takes place. There is usually much past life recalling, regarding these situations, and sometimes, the scenes change in which after intending to connect in a loving way with her, I pass to the next stage of the healing in which I have to integrate and process the painful emotions of my aspects that were hurt by my soul sister. Sometimes the emotions are very strong, like rage. By setting the intention to connect in a more loving way with karmic soulmates, when we contributed in many ways to start intense conflicts, it allows for their energies to leave and to acknowledge our mistakes, and then to integrate those parts of us that ended up very hurt by our own initial choices.


Figure. Draconian aspect of my boyfriend Corné Roovers channeled drawing by Karla Segura

In Chapter 11: Starseed Codes and Memories I shared with you information on our extraterrestrial etheric DNA or Starseed codes. Whenever we integrate and heal aspects of our soul, many off-world aspects also become activated, whether we are aware of this incidence or not. Many people already have been working more consciously with their  off-world aspects, such as angelic aspects, reptilian aspects, dragon aspects, etc. In another chapter you will learn how to integrate, activate and shape-shift more consciously in astral/etheric realms for healing purposes.

It is not uncommon to come across energies that carry these codes, even unintegrated aspects of our loved ones can confuse us by showing themselves to us in either loving starseed forms or what would appear as threatening beings.

Sometimes during my own healing sessions, wounded aspects of my loved ones come to me in many forms. Among the most common forms that I get to see from them is reptilian beings, dragons, insectoid beings, and other non-human forms. Normally they show up as their human past lives here on Earth, but they also love to play with their own starseed forms, knowing that I accept them in all shapes and colors, and that shape itself does not scare me at all.

However, I normally do not get to see their full starseed forms because first I need to process emotions like fear and pain, and this is something that brings much discomfort to many who see these beings because, while they integrate their traumas, they tend to associate off-world forms with the feelings that come with integration. They end up not recognizing their karmic soulmates for who they are and they end up thinking that what they see is always a threatening being, not associated to them in any way.

Another interesting thing that happens during an integration and healing is that our starseed codes can activate, mixing up memories of an experience on Earth with an off-world aspect. For example, recently I recalled a painful memory of a lifetime in Japan, in which I saw my loved ones as japanese people while the conflict took place. However, at first I looked at my clothes and saw myself dressed wearing a beautiful kimono and long black hair, but a moment after, I took the shape of a large dragon with a long snout, wings and a very delicate slim body, while the traumatic moment was still playing in my consciousness.


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