Figure. Idea of Terra Nova by Karla Segura

There are times when the flow of Cosmic energies take their toll on us and we feel great confusion. One of the most challenging feelings is the feeling of being disempowered by others, even by energies that do not belong to our system. Soul fragments from other people that become attached to us might make us feel very drained, insecure, out of focus, depressed, carrying deep feelings of longing and never finding the ones we are looking for, among other symptoms.

When we feel overwhelmed by the presence of such energies and karmic connections in life that do not seem to fade away, we feel that we need to claim back our true inner power. Sometimes a deep connection does not have to end in this lifetime to bring a sense of true power and inner freedom. Only a very deep healing of our shadow self, or recollection of wounded aspects from different timelines can bring back a sense of harmony and inner peace in our lives.

Behind the energies attached to us from other people is a line of aspects of our soul that are waiting to find a place in our hearts to find comfort and true love. Only our hearts have the power to heal these aspects that make up the shadow self. Our karmic connections might not seem to change or maybe we cannot even find them anywhere. Conflict seems endless in one way or another and sometimes we might not see the light at the end of the tunnel, while depression and other strong emotions seems to consume us, while certain areas of our lives might seem stuck in repeating patterns.

It is the moment to stop running around in circles and seek a new solution that only we can provide to ourselves. In previous chapters you learned that you can talk to your own wounded aspects and you can integrate part of their essence consciously in meditation. You can even see these aspects as individuals that are apparently different from yourself. Usually in most of our human incarnations we looked physically very similar to our current incarnation, but the personality traits were in many cases very different to the traits of our current personality. Even so, there are times when our personalities converge. We are One with all our aspects in different timelines.

Figure. Past lives

In this powerful exercise, you will concentrate in meditation and visualize yourself in the middle of a beautiful peaceful field or in some other place of your preference. No matter how much you might be struggling at this time, just spend a few minutes in silence and go deep into this peaceful space where there is absolutely no one except yourself. Set the strong intention to feel this solitude at energetic level, without other energies interrupting you.

Call forth as many aspects of yourself as you can and command them to surround you in this paradise while you open your heart to receive them. In this place, you are the one who has the strength to comfort your aspects and to bring a feeling of being like a Mother or a Father figure for your aspects. Ask your aspects to help you to heal your broken heart while you will in turn help them to integrate into your heart as you are One with them. Tell your aspects that they belong to your heart and that you need them as much as they need you. Let them come to you and feel their energies integrating in your energetic system.

Figure.  Sadhana

You might start feeling how the energies that do not belong to your vessel start leaving while you recover your strength. However, this might be an uncomfortable process being that your aspects carry deep mental, emotional and physical pains. Other symptoms might include tingles, heat waves, sweating, goosebumps, and sleepiness. Some of your aspects might show up as humanoid, angelic or even as animal totems, also ET forms.

After you do this exercise, symptoms of integration/healing/DNA activations might continue throughout the day and at night in dream state.

The more you practice this exercise, the more you will stay in touch with your own inner guidance and your multidimensional levels of individuality as a soul. You and your shadow self become whole again as One being and you get to know more of yourself in different timelines.

Know that this is also a way of getting to know all facets of yourself, including the previous victimized versions of yourself but also the previous abusive aspects as well. As you call forth your aspects, you might get to know aspects that in other timelines enjoyed using power to control others in diverse ways but also aspects of yourself that felt for a very long time abused .

When abusive aspects merge with abused aspects, more inner balance is achieved and you regain your true inner power. Your heart opens up to existence itself with a new understanding of life. The end result will be more wisdom in balance with compassion.


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