Much of the information presented in this manual is the result of daily experiences, observation, channeled information from the Higher Self , I AM Presence, Source, shadow self and fragments of my own soul and the beautiful guidance of my beautiful boyfriend Corné Roovers with whom I have been working to create this manual. I can say honestly he deserves much of the credit because not only has he provided many insights and teachings by channeling guidance and knowledge from his Higher Self and other levels of his own multidimensionality, but also he has healed me in many ways, and he has filled my days with great hopes, challenges and love.

For some time fragments that I had been carrying from my boyfriend Corné provided some guidance and love and I confused him with a single spirit guide, which was not far from truth, until much began falling in place and we began doing more conscious healing work together, being that we have been together in several timelines in very beautiful ways and also in very difficult and very painful ways. A special thanks to my boyfriend Corné Roovers.

I have been learning many theoretical and practical aspects of wholistic healing since 2010, but my interest in this field awakened in 2006 as I felt an urge to start changing certain conditions within myself that felt far from harmonious. Psychology combined with spirituality, as well as self-observation contributed much to the theoretical understanding of the human condition, whereas the metaphysical basic notions of energy dynamics have added the important pieces that gave birth to this manual, much thanks to the contribution of my soul family in spirit form and in physical form, having become one team in all this work and other areas, as well as other materials.

With much gratitude to my boyfriend Corné and my soul family in spirit form in hopes that very soon we will see enfolding the more advanced stages of a Golden Age having transcended all our limitations and ancient wounds, and that once again we can all be reunited in a great celebration of love.