Changing Address

So long…

With no fear

I shall overcome

The natural smear

of all that has come

To an end

Changing address

Is always a mess

No matter where

No matter how

I go along Happy and free

I swirl and I sing

For dawn is coming

Sit back and wait

Feel the breeze

The sparkles of light

No more

Not long

No more

Not yet

The signs are clear

The end is close

Figure 36. Changing address, art and poetry by Anaya Marie-Chantal Kindou

After some healing sessions a few years ago,  my boyfriend Corné and I understood and realized some important points and additional exercises that must be considered during the soul retrieval process. As we spoke of the progress we were both making, my boyfriend Corné put emphasis on a comment a friend made regarding the previous exercises. The question on whether sending “dark” fragments on others could be detrimental. I asked again I AM about it and was reminded there is nothing harmful about the colors, especially black because as stated before in previous chapters, what we perceive as black is actually the sum of all possible frequencies, both of the visible spectrum as well as the invisible spectrum, so black carries all frequencies we cannot see with our naked eye. We will be guided through our hearts to do what is best for us and for others. If you sense that a dark color represents an imbalance, ask your inner guidance if you should transform the frequency of the color. Later on in this manual, you will learn how to work more consciously with colors.

Figure 37. Pandora by John William Waterhouse

Another interesting point is, as mentioned briefly in previous chapters, sometimes it is not possible for the person healing and integrating  to know in detail so much about the traumatic experiences being processed. I was myself overwhelmed for many days, some time ago, and challenged to the core, mostly by some spiritual beliefs I had, regarding a very traumatic experience from a previous lifetime that involved partnership, family and religions. I know it was important to me to start realizing these truths but some people simply will not remember so much in some time, until it is in their best interest to do so.

Another very important point is, there are times when, in spite of removing so much energy we carried from others, if a situation has not been fully healed, and in this lifetime there was a harsh incident, like a painful separation,  we can identify discomforts in our relationship to this person subconsciously as a result of past life experiences. The other person can keep invading our auric field and etheric body, as there are still chords attached. There is a subconscious flow of negative energy between both, sometimes to the point of sending to each other psychic attacks through negative emotions and mental power. Also, if there is still some energy attached to us and our energy is also still attached to the person and has not been fully retrieved, this can lead sometimes to more energy leakages without much awareness from both sides, like when we grieve a loss for years and there is no clear sign of a healing taking place.

Figure 38. Ghost next door by Karla Segura

For this case, I was shown as I was removing energies from another person, that I have to protect myself to avoid more intrusions and even psychic attacks and I need to avoid attacking another person using mental intention along with the energy of anger. Sometimes the situation with a loved one is delicate as much pain has been accumulated over time, and a full healing does require time, sometimes months, sometimes even years. Fortunately at this time, this process is being accelerated but there is also a Divine Timing that must be understood. It is understandable that many times we cannot overcome fully our feelings of being hurt by others and that they feel the same way, much worse if the others are less aware than us of the bigger scheme and we do not know how to handle their reactions and emotions.

As you meditate and visualize this individual or group of individuals, remove their energies from you, ask them to leave. Visualize yourself inside a room or a temple as you do this, and imagine how they are leaving this space as you close the door permanently after they leave. Do this as many times as you need and meanwhile avoid directing consciously towards them negative emotions. Feel all your emotions but do not intend to direct them towards them mentally as this can be a cause of leaks, intrusions and psychic attacks.

Instead, know that you do need to release any feelings you have towards them, consciously, just allow them to flow freely and feel how they are transformed into a more neutral or positive energy as this procedure is enfolding. Intend to feel them as much as you can with an open heart.

White Mirror and Black Mirror

Figure 39. Woman before the mirror by Frans Van Mieris

Many of you reading this manual might have heard or read before about mirror meditation. It is a very effective method to heal, integrate and remove energies. There is much science behind this fact, I will explain later on about this one in particular. Summarizing the functionality of a mirror, it acts like a huge crystal, since it is made of glass and can reflect so many frequencies. It can be a good substitute for crystals, refer to the chapter on the use and obtainment of crystals as there is an ethical dilemma that might be worth considering.

If you have never tried out meditation with a mirror you can try it out knowing it is safe to do, as some people feel hesitant about it for several reasons. One of them being the idea that they might either see something negative while gazing at it or that something negative and alien may enter their space through a mirror. The first one might actually happen but, it is not what people think, if you come across something that looks negative it is likely you will only see an aspect of your shadow self or an aspect of another who is close to you. The rest will be just common soul retrieval symptoms. In the case of negative energies entering your space, it is likely you would feel your own negative aspects, in case such thing happens, which is a situation that you must embrace and allow the process of healing to enfold without fear.

There are two kinds of mirrors you can use to do a soul retrieval session. The first is the common type of mirror we use daily to see our own reflection. This one is always very effective because it can greatly accelerate the process as it allows a very smooth flow of energies entering and leaving our auric space as well as allowing energy to flow to heal our wounds.

An even more effective mirror is a black mirror which is created by painting a glass completely black and then adding to the frontal part where the black paint is another glass in the same way normal mirrors are created. The black mirror then can be seen in such a way that you see your own reflection in the front because of the first glass while you also stare at the blackness of it.

A black mirror allows the integration of energies that belong to you because it acts like a portal to dimensions in the astral/ethers where these energies reside. Much of this was explained in the first chapter and will be further explained more in detail . You can think of a black mirror like a big obsidian plate that works with the totality of the visible and non-visible spectrum. The energies that match your soul frequency are being brought to you through this conduit easily while the ones that do not belong to you leave your etheric body and auric field.

Figure 40. Building a black mirror

Once you have created your black mirror, you can start meditating with it by using a dim light near you, it can be a small lamp or some candles. Place your hands over an area of your black mirror while you gaze into your own reflection as well as the black surface. In only a few seconds or a minute you will feel the energies building up on the surface of the mirror and your whole beingness. Do not be afraid to see your own reflection. For each person the procedure will take place differently.

In my own case I only see colors or dark energies and stains around my own reflection, my face becomes at times a bit distorted and my facial expression changes according to the aspects that are being displayed and integrated. My boyfriend Corné usually reports seeing his expression change dramatically, while other people might even tap into past lives and off world aspects. Very much like what we can perceive in meditation but with eyes open and seeing on the surface of the mirror.

The procedure for a normal mirror meditation is exactly the same. These methods are an alternative to the original methods through meditation and mental exercises.

A special thanks to my boyfriend Corné Roovers for bringing forth the knowledge of the black mirror soul retrieval method.


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