Just a dream

It’s just a dream

Don’t be afraid

It’s just a dream

Don’t go away

You’ll soon be free

From all the illusions

This world has to sell

Just open your eyes

To the true light and love

And all will be well

For there is no hell

Just love


Only love

Figure 28. Just a dream, painting and poem by Anaya Marie-Chantal Kindou

As mentioned in the first chapter "Learning the Basic Method", the auric field and the energies of fragments of life force that belong to us and others can be perceived at times as colorful sparks and energetic traces around us. The ones that look black or dark are usually frequencies that translated into colors are beyond the visible spectrum, so the eye cannot perceive them, thus seeing them as dark or black which is what is often confused by something of "negative or dark nature always". Mostly they are labeled as negative because when tapping into the Akasha of these fragments, we will see that there was an incident that involved violence, grief, loss and other actions and emotions that lead to the loss of that energy. But this can apply as well to other colors, including white (remember white is the integration of the visible spectrum). some people have even created myths of "false white light beings" because of the confusion related to the vibration of energies that might be seen as white, while tapping into painful information.

The size can vary according to the amount of life force lost and/or shared during past experiences with others or something traumatic individually, like an accident for example. It also depends on how much of the energy lost during the experience is being recovered, as usually during certain days some of it is brought back but not all. Sometimes it can be too overwhelming to recover all of it in one session or during days when solar energies are very strong. There is a perfect order in this process and it involves a Divine timing to be completed.

Before examining some useful visualizations and exercises let us take a look into the aura and some ways in which the process looks like in the astral realms.

The first image depicts the aura as being made of pure energy in motion and with so many frequencies one can see it like a beautiful rainbow of colors.

Figure 29, Colors perceived in the aura.

The second image shows two souls connected by attachments and chords, their etheric bodies and auric fields are very fragmented. Notice how the fragments of life force attached and surrounding them carry also chords.

Figure 30. Simplistic situation depicting only two fragmented individuals and their karmic connection.

As we integrate and remove all the life force that got shared and lost between two individuals, the end result would look like in the next diagram, only chords would be attached but this is a simplified version as chords also get removed along the way, while integrating and removing, as healing also takes place. It would be like reorganizing the pieces of the puzzle after they are being placed again.

Figure 31. Simplistic depiction of auras repaired, with only chords remaining between two individuals.

After the process has been fully complete, the two auras will look as they are meant to be, strong, expanded and without rips and attachments.

Figure 32. Healed individuals without chords and attachments.


There are several ways in which we can do a soul retrieval session consciously. It is a choice as to which method or methods we can work with, because all of them work very well.

The first exercise I recommend, after having met aspects that represent the Higher Self, soul groups consciousness, I AM Presence or sub-group, Universal consciousness and Source,  would be to start working consciously with the shadow self. This one, being the collection of all traumatic memories and experiences, will show us all we need to, in order to understand what is being healed and how these experiences over time have had an impact in all timelines, not only in our lives but of those we love dearly. It will be important at some point to begin understanding the sequence behind these healings.

Ask first your HS and I AM Presence to assist you in this process as this will bring more confidence and a sense of security. For this part of the exercise, start visualizing yourself sitting in some place you feel comfortable and feeling the Light of your HS and/or I AM Presence pouring from above your head into all your being. After that, sense if there is a different form that guides you to some place, there are times when you will be asked to wait for a few seconds or minutes in order to start seeing or feeling something. Sometimes positive aspects of your soul will guide you in this part of the process, other times your shadow self will be the one guiding you, and other times it will be a member or members of your soul family guiding you.

Integration and Removal

Ask to be taken to some place, to be guided towards aspects of you or other people you need to work with in these planes of existence. Sometimes, to be taken to some place is a fast process, you can start floating or the scenery changes instantly. Meanwhile, an aspect of you might show up in very beautiful ways, like a guide or something that looks "dark" in some sense. They start speaking a language to you, either just with images and feelings or it can include a short dialogue.

Something that happens to me while doing these sessions is, the aspect will merge with me by approaching me, it asks me to touch it, or there is a very symbolic element like a jewel been given to me by the aspect, a small chest, flowers, bags, etc. A dear friend of mine has shared with me some of her visualizations and some of them involve merging with beautiful beings such as mermaids, angels, phoenixes and other archetypical codes carried within our DNA and the mind of Creator. Other times, the aspect will tell you to merge with him/her by just allowing feelings to flow, embracing them and acknowledging them fully.

Figure 32. Ice Queen by Sue Hammans

Other times small particles of energy coming your way or being removed can take shapes that look like a sequence or a repetition such as a flock of birds, a swarm of insects, people going in a certain direction, all looking identical and dressing the same, or even objects.

Some elements that can symbolize the frequency of the energies being worked with can be lightning, fire, water, wind, or even colors. Sometimes images can get distorted by the colors that match the frequency of such memories and codes.

This is a very practical way to retrieve and heal as you connect to your Highest Mind in a beautiful way through much symbolism and shape. Sometimes, while you receive such visualizations, later on you will tap into real images from the Akashic records.

When images from the Akasha are seen, sometimes they flash so fast that they cannot be distinguished, while other times they overlap. Another phenomenom that can be present is the overlapping of coloful images in front of the memories, like waves of energy coloring the information.

Other times when you are more aware of the aspects of your soul, you can merge fully with your personalities from past lives. For example you might see a man or a lady wearing a vintage dress, speaking to you and then merging with you. In the case of starseed codes you might merge with an angelic being, a dragon, a reptilian, or any other life form.

In another chapter, the phenomena of the walk-in is explained in detail.


After the procedure of integration and removal is complete, (even though the three take place simultaneously) in the end all pieces will be in place, but not fully accommodated as they should yet, because the next part is about healing fully in all the  layers of the multidimensional self so the chords that were attached to the auric field, the fragments and etheric body can now be severed fully and the energy of them returned as well to their owners. Chords are composed in the same way the fragments are, they are made of energies.

For a full healing to take place, we shall allow all emotions to come forth without fearing them or attempting to suppress them. With each tear being shed the soul is liberated from the shackles of ancient blocks and traumas.

Note in the following diagram how in the beginning the aura was weak and had many rips and attachments, and then, as the individual progressed in his/her healing, the aura became stronger and expanded.

In future chapters I guide you through advanced techniques in which you will work with energy and colors in order to heal yourself more efficiently.

Figure 33. Stages of healing and auric repair.

More visualizations

The following visualizations will aid greatly along the way when you need to heal your relationship with many people.

Removal and integration:

Imagine yourself sitting or standing in either a light room or a black room and see in front of you individuals aligned in a row like a small army. Visualize your aura as a transparent bubble surrounding you and visualize the auras of all those individuals.

Imagine how from your etheric body and your whole auric field many different-sized fragments from the other individuals accumulate in some area in front of you, each one of them still inside your aura. Then, slowly imagine them being pushed outside your auric field and, as they start coming out, direct them all towards all those individuals in front of you. As you do this, it is possible for you to feel that all those fragments contain the chords that are attached to them and to the individuals. There is no problem because as explained before, once they are returned to their owners, chords remain until the final healing takes place and all of them are severed. We will get to that part later.

Figure 34. Returning energies to their rightful owners.

Then, visualize the fragments entering the auras of those individuals. As you do this for a few seconds, at the moment they receive them, visualize white fragments coming your way or fragments of other colors, to be integrated into your aura and whole being. Sometimes as you do these exercises the fragments might look like beings, animals or objects.

In case you already know which individual or individuals you must work with, then it is an advantage, as you will be able to visualize the person in front of you and retrieve all necessary pieces of life force that has been lost along the way in your shared journey.

If you do not want to visualize the individuals you must heal your relationship with, or you are not sure what you need to heal, what you can do is simply remove the fragments or entities and send them through a portal of light.

Figure 35. Shadow Person by my boyfriend Corné Roovers

There will be times when, as mentioned in the first chapter, some of these energies can be seen as ghosts or other kinds of entities as they can be perceived with the third eye in many ways.


While meditating we can just allow the energy to flow through our whole being, allowing us to repair our aura and DNA, by just asking our HS, soul group consciousness, Universal God, I AM Presence and Infinite Source to aid us. Much of the healing will take place during dream state, whether we dream something that makes sense to us or just get random subconscious scenarios that are hard to interpret. Other times you might just feel strong emotional releases without knowing where they are coming from. A common misconception is to believe that what we feel, cannot belong to us, being that we are not aware of the source of the feelings. We tend to blame the environment for our sudden unexplained feelings. Other times you might feel the emotions of other people, when there was a traumatic experience in relationship to that person, sometimes because you were the one to hurt that person, in your current incarnation, or in a past timeline. A very minimal percentage of what you feel truly comes from other people that you have no relationship with.

Some activities such as some exercise, spending some time doing art or just going out for a walk in nature assists in moving the energies.

There are some useful visualizations that can also help us heal several situations from different timelines.

You can choose to embody an aspect of your Higher Self during meditation in order to heal a difficult situation you experienced during different stages of your current life, or with another individual. I was once guided to become my own Divine Mother in order to heal the trauma of being born. As I became a baby in the womb of a version of myself, I allowed myself to come out and feel the fear and coldness of being born and feel the warmth and safety of Motherly Higher Self until the procedure was complete.

Other times you can choose to meet a person you know you've had conflict with by seeing them in their Highest Light through a symbolic representation or irradiating Love, approaching the individual and irradiating Love towards them.


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