A new world is unfolding

regardless of what they say

this new world is full of joy and happiness

past,present and future

all in one

deliver this message as far as you can

for this new world shall soon overcome

Figure 24. Nouvelle Terre. Poem and painting by Anaya Marie-Chantal Kindou

In meditation, there are many useful visualizations that can assist you during the soul retrieval process. Usually, you will be guided instantly and automatically by your own Higher Mind, which works in unlimited ways through symbols and archetypes and tapping into the Akashic records.

Along with my soul aspects and guides, I provide here some examples of visualizations that you can practice, as well as some common images you might see while healing, integrating and removing energies.

Meeting your guide(s): Higher Self, Soul Group Consciousness, Universal I AM Presence and Source

For those who have not yet felt and understood fully the guide(s) who assist(s) in this process by moving the energy around and within their auric fields as well as etheric body, you can start practicing and distinguishing between memories from fragments of energy that belong to you and others as well as the many aspects of your soul guiding you, and the higher guidance of your loved ones in different dimensions.

Figure 25. Blue Angel with Wildlife by Sue Hammans

Your guide(s) will take any form they feel convenient during the sessions. In my own case, my Higher Self takes some archetypical forms or aspects of myself as individual that fit well with the sessions, as each lifetime being healed represents a paradigm. The quality of the images from the memories of the Akashic Records is very different, depending if it is seen in your third eye, crown and heart chakras. The quality of what we see also depends on our beliefs and what we want to see subconsciously. For example, some people perceive beings as angels and masters, while others see other forms like dragons, or other mystical beings.

Not always can we perceive clearly our soul aspects during a soul retrieval session because there might be much interference from the energies that are being removed and integrated, but the more you practice, the more you can clear your connection and remove interference as much as needed. Always ask them for assistance.

All you need is your imagination to do a simple visualization in order to meet your past lives and other levels of multidimensionality like the soul group consciousness, the Universal I AM and even Source. Imagine yourself sitting or standing in a beautiful place, such as a colorful field, a forest, a beach or some other place you feel inspired to use as the place for your meeting. As you create this landscape, imagine your soul aspects and guides approaching without a specific form. It can be just a light being or simply let him/her show up as they want you to see them. They will always come to you in a form that you feel comfortable with. Later on, it is possible that they take some very odd and unusual shapes depending on the meaning of the sessions and the purpose of that specific form, but you can know for sure you are always protected.

Usually ,the guides that you see or other people that you see in meditation are part of your soul family or your soul group or other people that you have known in different lifetimes. Part of our soul resides in higher dimensions while part of our souls is incarnated. You might see people who you have not even met in this lifetime and part of their energies might show up like angels or other beings or simply in their human forms. You might even realize in the future that the people you saw in meditation are incarnated and you might meet them someday in physical.

Other times, if you had conflicts with certain people, you might hear them speak to you and give to you important information about the healing that must take place in order to heal past karma. Do not fear if these people or beings do not show up in a positive way. You will only become aware of what you are prepared to know and what is useful to you.

A guide or a soul family member can show up as a glowing light being, a beautiful child, an angelic being, a dragon, an ET being or an animal, sometimes even like an odd creature. Since we carry the starseed codes there are no limits as to how they can show up!

Fiigure 26. Higher Self by Sue Hammans

You are always connected to the guidance of your Higher Self, which is also your angelic guide and your Higher Mind from where all your knowledge and inifinite Love comes from.

We must understand that the Higher Self has both the masculine and feminine energies just like we do, but the Higher Self has many individuated aspects that are us in so many timelines and densities so it can't be imagined, except symbolically if you wish, with a definite shape or character. At this time I can say on my own perception that I imagine my own Higher Self as a beautiful big bright white light being with feminine energies mostly, like a version of myself with a childish but wise energy. The Higher Self is the collection of your soul experiences fully connected to God/Source without a dual mindset.

You can start by setting the intention to feel in first place, the energies of your Higher Self coming forth to you. First ask your Higher Self to let you feel the masculine energies and then the feminine energies or whichever you prefer to feel. In that way, it can assist you in balancing your own inner energies and understanding the Father and Mother energies from Sourcethat created us with so much Love.

Some people find it easier to connect to the Fatherly energies while others feel more comfortable with the Motherly energies of the Higher Self and such is the case with the aspects of the soul group consciousness or Logos from which the Sub-Logos known as the Higher Selves come from. Actually, each soul group can be considered a sub-Logos of the Universal Logos.

There are times when people can meet a feminine aspect of their Higher Self or a masculine aspect of another individual close to them taking the shape of a beautiful deity, full of colors and surrounded by many powerful symbols, such as flowers, totems and other elements.

One must note though, that some deities that may show up in meditation might NOT be aspects of our own Higher Self but associated to the fragments being removed from our auric field that belong to other individuals.

Figure 27. Back to I AM by Karla Segura

Meanwhile, other aspects tend to be more generalized aspects of the soul group consciousness, such as some archetypes which represent the basic rays or energies of creation personified as such. Think about the colors of the rainbow being assigned a name and an archetypical role and shape. These archetypes do not have an individual consciousness but instead are collective aspects of the soul group consciousness as well as the I AM Presence.

Notice how many channeled materials start with phrases such as:

"I am Ra. We greet you in the love and in the light of our Infinite Creator."1

"Dearly beloved Children of Light, as you know We are called Gabriel and as always, We are most joyous to be in your Divine presence."2

"Greetings Masters ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I greet each of you in a vector of unconditional love. Take a moment to feel the energy, close your eyes, and sense a cocoon of warm nurturing envelope you.... an entourage gathers. We speak this moment on many topics..."3

In such cases as you can see, the soul group connected to the I AM Presence is being channeled through its many aspects and refer as a group or collective consciousness composed of individual aspects. Other times, even the soul of one individual is composed of thousands of lifetimes of experiences, each one known as an aspect. Fragments of energy are also energy collectives that make up one soul.

First, start by understanding further your connection to Higher Self and then you can connect more directly to the energies of your soul group consciousness and then the Universal I AM Presence, finally connecting to Source/God/Omniverse. The soul group consciousness can have up to thousands of individuated aspects incarnated and disincarnated.

The energies of your Higher Self are of such beauty that you will feel a wave of Love entering you gently, and making you feel more expanded. The quality of the Mother and Father in Creation are such that you will feel so nurtured like a child who has not aged and has not been corrupted by the illusions of experience. It is a moment of communion.

The same loving and blissful energies will be felt by connecting to the Universal or Cosmic Source but it will be of greater magnitude as you will feel this Love is so vast and of such Cosmic nature that you would just want to Be in that Love that permeates each part of your being. This is your Greatest Mother and Father, a consciousness that holds much wisdom, knowledge and the biggest picture of all its universal and omniversal aspects.

A visualization in which you sit and connect to a vast white ball of light in front of you or over your crown chakra can represent your connection to I AM. Feel the light of this consciousness enter your whole being and radiating Love into each particle of your being. Sometimes you will hear your I AM Presence, which is a part of your soul group consciousness, speaking to you, or you will simply feel the blissful Love embracing you.

In another chapter,  I explain some procedures that can facilitate the process of soul retrieval during meditation to expel from your etheric body and auric field energies that do not belong to you and are no longer in your highest interest to carry, as well as recovering the energy that belongs to you that these people are carrying equally.

Later on, you will explore more in depth the nature of the auric field and some diagrams explaining further how the process takes place. The beautiful art work of Anaya Marie- Chantal Kindou like the one at the beginning reminds me so much of how the energies in the astral as well as the aura looks like.


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