Touch the Sky by Sue Hammans

"No one upon the planetary matrix is able to escape the love that emanates from the intelligent source of life that animates the whole of existence. All that is is within the enveloping thought of being of divine wholeness, and each fractalline emanation of living form within this universal thought-form is understood, known, loved as the natural incarnation of divine expression. There is nothing that exists within this wholeness that is not known by it; there is nothing outside the wholeness which is known from within it. The unknown, once understood, becomes part of the wholeness, and by its nature, transforms the wholeness into a greater ball of being than it was before. Thus does divinity play hide-and-seek with itself. You are part of this great game of existence, entered into by your own free will and limited in gameplay only by agreement to forget, temporarily, your connection with the source of divine knowingness." - excerpt from The Light, by Anica through Maryann Rada

You might have heard already that our energy system has a set of chakras above the crown chakra. What you might find very odd though, is that if you seek for information about these chakras, many people who assign different colors to each chakra do not seem to agree with each other about the right colors for each one of them. You might wonder why this is the case.

The Chakras Above the Crown Chakra

As mentioned in previous chapters of this manual, in reality, the chakras do not have  a fixed color or frequency. Chakras work with many frequencies at all times, and when it comes to understanding the chakras above the crown chakra, the colors might seem very bright, vivid and lighter, unlike the seven basic frequencies of the visible spectrum. For example, an individual may say that the chakra above the crown has a soft aquamarine tone while another individual would say that this chakra has a magenta frequency. Both are not incorrect, but this notion might be comparable to a photograph of a river taken at a specific moment in each case, thus the flow of the river would look differently in different segments of time.

The chakras above the crown are often called the transpersonal chakras. What is the purpose of these chakras and what levels of multidimensionality do these comprise?

Beyond our individuality there are also levels of group consciousness, up the ladder of existence, until the highest level of Source is reached. Imagine existence as being a huge fractal that divides itself into smaller fractals in a perfect symmetrical and mathematical pattern. The chakras above the crown are the ones that connect us to deeper levels of merging with other individuals close to us and to the rest of the collective within Earth. Beyond Earth, we are connected to the rest of Creation.

When feeling in meditation some of the higher chakras, the sensations that I got go beyond the individual personality. The energetic quality of these higher levels of beingness and their corresponding chakras feel like combinations of Motherly/Fatherly energies, or simply like greater masculine and feminine vibrations.

When we are in conflict with our loved ones in several timelines, all individuals are in a vibrational state of disharmony and that is reflected in their inner feminine and masculine polarities. This is probably the reason why during the last decades, people have become aware of the presence of these chakras above the crown, being that we connect on a deeper spiritual level with our loved ones and also with humanity as a whole and with the rest of Creation.

Soul Star by Sue Hammans

Major chakras and minor chakras

Figure. Flow of energy through the auric system, seven basic chakras and higher chakras.

Have you ever read or heard about the minor chakras that make up our energetic system?

If you do research about the minor chakras, you might find another inconsistency in some of the information provided in several sources. As a consequence of our blocks and auric rips, it might be difficult to distinguish between small rips and chakras, and invasive energies might create blocks that prevent us from seeing clearly the nature of our system. For this reason, in some sketches and diagrams, some people depict an incomplete and asymmetric system of minor chakras.

When I did a meditation to see how my personal system of chakras looks like, I saw myself surrounded by a fluid bubble, which is my aura. I saw my body inside the bubble, and when focusing on the area of the major chakras, I saw a continuum of light instead of only seeing the seven most well known ones. From my root chakra, up to my crown chakra, I could see a white tube of light. In the beginning, all the chakras looked white, and then they simply looked like worm holes and then the tube of light going up above the crown.

However, being that we are still living as individuals with a sold physical body, it is important to first regain greater balance within, working more consciously with our main seven chakras and our layers of individual expression in non-physical planes. When we heal ourselves, the ones connected to us also heal and you could say that it is also an indirect way to work with the higher chakras.

The Flow of Kundalini and Healing

Kundalini Shakti by Karla Segura

The chakras are like portals to different dimensions or layers of our soul. Through these vortexes the energy flows inwards and outwards, facilitating the integration, healing and removal process. For example, when we use our heart chakra in a healing process, by opening up and letting it take inside energy that belongs to us that became stuck in other realities of pain, after experiencing trauma, then this energy expands within us, filling the auric rips and allowing the aura to expand even further. With some energies that do not belong to us, something similar happens. Depending on the nature of energies that must be removed and the kinds of wounds associated to them, some of those energies stuck within our system flow through the layers of our system and out of it, with the assistance of the chakras.

Either in meditation or through a tantric practice with your partner, you can awaken the kundalini life force that flows from the base or root chakra up to the crown chakra and above, flowing in such a way that it goes back down flowing like a circle and upwards again, simultaneously. The upwards movement is what is felt very strongly or just mildly.

When kundalini flows through our chakric system, it accelerates greatly the integration/healing/removal process, clearing our system of blocks and making space to embody more of our own Light.


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