”The aspects of yourself that reside in alternate nows are aware of a coming together of self, as you here are becoming aware of it, and experiencing it to some degree. We becomes one. The pieces of soul that are gathering information from experiencing other timelines will resurrect in a moment of divinity realized, coming to the awareness within the one you are now being. The moment of realization transcends formless thought, belief, or never-before remembered long-ago’s. You are moving in that direction, that trajectory. The meeting of aspects of soul is inevitable, and with each incarnated breath resonating in harmony within your being, you heal, you become more whole, you encounter the divine dot that encapsulates within every thought you have of who you are. In the breath of loving remembrance of the moment of your birth, every moment becomes infused with life. In the moment now upon you, remember, breathe, and live, knowing that you are living more fully in every conscious moment of life.”1

-Excerpt from the post There is no Outer Being But You by the Pleiadian Renegades Collective through Maryann Rada

Before reading the following chapters about soul retrieval theoretical aspects we suggest reading the previous chapters in which we define the basics on the process of soul retrieval .

Movement in the auric field and multidimensionality

Have you ever wondered how the process of soul retrieval looks like at an energy level and why crystals and other similar materials can assist us?

I am sure most of you reading this post have a notion of the bodies that make up our system, as an individuated soul stemming from the One and Infinite Source.

It is a beautiful art piece that is much more perfect than we can imagine for we are not used to understand mostly what we cannot see. If more people could dedicate their lives to a more complete study of the soul at all levels with adequate instruments we could see so much taking place in so much detail. Fortunately, we do happen to have the best tool which is our system in itself once we can unblock it and understand all our capacities and talents.

After you have become acquainted with the simple meditations and exercises you will be able to unlock further your ability to see your own aura more clearly as well as the aura of others and progress each day in quantum healing.  Later on, some steps for advanced quantum healing sessions and meditations will be explained in the next chapters.

First of all let’s take a look at how many people perceive the anomalies in their own auric field as well as the energies surrounding them each day. The first image shows one way in which we can see fragments of energy attached to our aura and multidimensional bodies supposing we are standing in the place shown in the image and seeing them around us. Either these have to be removed from us or must be integrated. Sometimes with the natural flow of solar energies we become aware of them before they are integrated or removed and we notice how seconds later we can no longer see them.

Figure 13. Colorful energies in the environment.

The second image is another way in which we can perceive those fragments of energy around us as well as the chords and attachments to them. Sometimes people get scared when seeing them as they think what they are seeing are negative ghosts or something else that could threaten them. Fragments can represent a threat when they create imbalances in us leading to disease and emotional discomforts but there is no other reason to fear them, they are just energies that belong to us or other people, or even animals and plants. In a way you can say they are ghosts or sometimes negative entities but precisely because they indicate that we are the ones that are in need of a form of healing, in relationship to other people or other lifeforms, we do not have to fear them at all.

Figure 14. Energies with different patterns and vibrations.

The images in in this manual display in general the process of soul retrieval as well as fragmentation and auric rips but they are all simplified versions of what truly takes place in our auras and bodies.

First we shall understand further our multidimensionality. When people talk about the ascension of the consciousness and the physical vessel to the 5th dimension we can say in a sense it is a very limited notion because even if we exist in a physical 3th density or 4th density (we must understand the difference between dimensions and densities as we ascend or descend through densities so we recommend further research on this topic*), we are already multidimensional beings and we really have access all the time to all the dimensions of our beingness and the Universe. Each one of our bodies exist in one dimension and this is also the case for all our fragments.

The following diagram shows a simplified version (with only the main seven colors of the visible spectrum)of each one of our bodies residing in a different dimension that overlaps with each other, although there are more layers beyond the crown chakra:

Figure 15. Subtle bodies.

As fragmentation occurs many layers or bodies of our auric field and system become damaged as follows:

Figure 16. Damaged aura with rips and non-integrated energies.

Because the energies that left us either from traumatic experiences or sharing energies with other people in other ways belong to our multidimensional self, then these fragments of life force are residing in the different dimensions of this density. We can communicate with these energies and their consciousness will vary greatly depending on the dimension on which they reside as well as our own consciousness as they will become aligned to us. For that same reason as stated in our first chapter "Learning the Simple Method"  we can obtain genuine insights and guidance from such fragments and aspects of the self and integrate them back into our being or they would seem malicious or non-resonant with our current beliefs and convictions or simply they might not make much sense.

Integration and DNA activation

During the previous years and more and more at this time, there is great emphasis on DNA repair and activation as well as the integration of all aspects of the Higher Self into our current incarnation. But how does this process take place? Once we can understand the energy flows in our aura and bodies then the rest is not so complicated although it is a very complex process due to the amount of information carried in each particle of energy that makes up our whole being as well as the trascendence of time and space in the multiple dimensions in which our being exists, which is very different to the way we perceive them in our physical world.

Since our aura is composed of so many energies with different frequencies we can see it as a beautiful jewel full of colors and movements, so the fragments that separated from it can also be perceived at times as very colorful energies moving constantly. When we are doing a healing session or the solar energies assist us naturally, then the energies move like waves and sometimes we could see them similar to the following drawings:

Figure 17. Colorful energies that move constantly creating curves.

The second and third drawings display how a person receives incoming energies that belong to his/her aura in such a way that they form a vortex of multidimensional and colorful energies. Sometimes we can see with our third eye such vortexes that might also look like rings moving in front of us. Another way to understand such movements is through the use of a pendulum within the boundaries of our auric field, as frequently, when intending to remove, integrate and heal, we will immediately notice how it starts spinning either clockwise or counterwise. A whole chapter on the use of a pendulum will be included soon.

Figure 18. Incoming vortex of energies.

Figure 19. Frontal view of a vortex of energies that looks like a spinning ring or a whirlpool.

Finally, the last drawing shows the integration of our DNA, as all our experiences in 3th density have disconnected so many parts of it. As many already know, our DNA is also multidimensional and contains all our records and many of its strands reside in such higher layers that cannot be seen with our physical eyes. As we fragment, parts of our DNA leave and thus become disconnected.

When we integrate parts of ourselves and remove all chords attached to them allowing a healing to take place, then those parts carrying DNA codes become activated. But sometimes, in order to fully perceive a change in us, we must integrate further strands and pieces of DNA to be able to reconnect it. Among some of the changes we can experience after some DNA activations are:

-Improvement in physical health

-Improvement in emotional condition

-Increase in mental skills

-Experience more joy and interconnectedness to ALL

-Activation of inner senses and abilities

-Remembrance of aspects and experiences in different timelines

Figure 20. Integrating and activating multiple DNA strands in the subtle bodies.

*Note: we recommend once again reading the Law of One in order to understand the concept of densities:

and the following article on dimensions and densities:


1. Rada, Maryann, There is no Outer Being but You; Nine Pense, Opalescent Nine: Remembering a New Reality; retrieved from