Some time ago I began working with the aspects or energies of a very close female soulmate.While I was interacting with her I would see positive images of beautiful moments that we spent together in physical in past lives. However, while I was stuck in the higher energies and in those timelines, she told me that I had a distorted image of her. This idea of her reminded me of the typical positive contact in higher realms with guides that most people have, basically she has guided me to understand so much not only about all facets of our connection but also about energy dynamics and healing. Since the beginning of my conscious contact with her energies she told me that we have a long journey together to heal our relationship to each other, being that we faced lots of challenges in other timelines, without resolution.

Figure. An approximation of how my friend and sister shows up.

My high vibration and positive outlook would not allow me to heal the connection and to send her constantly incoming energies, as well as the energies of my boyfriend Corné and other people to their physical bodies. Basically my task is to do soul retrieval with them, even if the contact with large aspects or fragments of their soul coming from other timelines is positive and beautiful. As much as I wish for them to stay with me, it is not an option.

What my friend and sister told me was that I would be able to see her more clearly if I lowered my vibration. Not only would I interact more consciously with her but also more objectively without the distortions and limitations of the higher vibration that would keep her energies stuck for longer without a full healing taking place between us. I could sense her placing her hands on my shoulders to assist me with this procedure and I got a glimpse of her look. Ironically it was my fragmented state and hidden fears what would prevent me to see her clearly most of the time. It took me a few months to get a more clear image of her face.

How can we stabilize our flow of energy while we interact with beings or energies in the astral/etheric layers in order to lower our vibration in a safe way for the healing to take place?

It is not difficult. In fact, with a little practice it becomes easy, to the point of being able to regulate undesired flows of kundalini that can prevent us from being grounded enough to heal fully, to remove energies that do not belong to us, and to have clarity of mind and heart.

Figure. Inner balance

In order to lower your vibration, relax your whole body and take short breaths. Set the intention to lower your vibration and become more grounded by stabilizing your emotions. If you feel excitement, lower your vibration in such a way that you feel a sense of calmness.

If you feel a deep desire to share love with beings, guides or other forms of energies that are not part of your soul, set the intention to stop the flow of energy from your system to these beings. When you stop the desire to give love or to receive love from these beings you stabilize your thought processes and your emotions and your vibration becomes stable.

You will start sensing many changes in the flow of your own energies. You might feel how energy flows downwards instead of upwards, along with lots of tingling sensations. Another thing that you might experience is sudden physical and emotional discomforts which is actually a symptom of integration and healing taking place.

Perhaps one of the most difficult parts of this exercise is to experience waves of fear which is also a very positive symptom because it means that you are now making space for lower aspects or soul fragments of your being to become fully integrated into your vessel, allowing for a deep healing to take place that could not happen before while your vibration was too high to allow this part of your shadow self to enter your heart space.

The more you practice these exercises and the more you learn to accept all your emotions while you allow them to flow freely through your system, the stronger and more grounded you will become. To experience fear and emotional pain during a soul retrieval session, along with some physical discomforts is a normal part of this process. Some people might say that you do not have to experience negative emotions, and in a sense it is true because you always have a choice as to how to process a healing session. However, over time I have come to realize that lowering my vibration in many cases allows for a lot of energy that does not belong to my soul to flow downwards in such a way that it is fully removed, allowing me to become fully grounded with a clarity of mind that otherwise I could not experience while my mind was "over the clouds". My connection to the part of my loved ones who is still not integrated in their physical and etheric vessels becomes more objective and less ambivalent. I no longer perceive them as being "flawless angels of pure light" but instead I recover more memories of other timelines with them and my connection with them is still positive and their unique soul vibration becomes much more clear, in such a way that I can really feel the difference between my own energy signature and their own energy signature.

Figure. Idea of flawless beings in higher realms

As stated before in the previous chapter, one common belief in new age communities is that sometimes we are being deceived by "beings of false light". It is precisely the way our consciousness travels through the non-physical dimensions and layers of consciousness what can create such confusion. What might seem to be angels and masters of pure love and light in the beginning might end up being perceived as deceitful beings with malicious intentions as we experience the discomforts of soul retrieval in the inability to understand the fluidity of the energies that surround us and the way our own energy fluctuates in these realms.

The inability to communicate in a trustworthy way with the beings that surround us can be an echo of ancient dramas playing in our consciousness in the now moment. Imagine that in your current lifetime and in previous lifetimes some of your loved ones or even other acquaintances acted in such a way that you felt in the beginning that you could always trust in them and at some point they hurt you, teaching you that you are frequently being deceived by those you thought you could trust. These ancient wounds are then constantly projected into these energies that surround you and that you need to remove in order to heal the trauma, and on top of that you are being fed with fearful materials about negative entities and archons that are out there to deceive you and to control you.

If for some reason, while you lower your vibration, you sense that your contact with beings turns negative in one way or another, you can stop the exercise. If you feel that you can handle the experience of embracing all your emotions and other discomforts, you can continue the exercise and even ask with an open heart to the energies that surround you why they seem to cause some harm to you and what kind of trauma is associated to their presence. So far for myself this procedure always works in a positive direction when I am open to listening to the voices of trauma. Sometimes just the act of being open to listening to the energies of other individuals in astral/etheric layers or dimensions is more than enough for the traumas to be healed and for these energies to leave in peaceful ways.

An example of short conversations with these energies as I personally experience them is as follows:

As I lower my vibration and work with the energies of my boyfriend Corné from other timelines I ask these energies what can be done to heal our relationship to each other:

Aspect of my boyfriend Corné : "I have been waiting for you to ask me this question. In some other lifetime you left me alone and ignored me."

Karla : "I am very sorry, please come close to me and let me help you my beautiful aspect of my boyfriend Corné ."

As I do this exercise his energy comes and I feel the discomforts of the healing session, sometimes in my heart I can feel the pain of this part of the soul of my boyfriend Corné while he is removed from my auric space. Not always are these beings or energies completely attached to my aura but they are around me very frequently. In return a part of my own soul can become integrated into my energy system.

Figure. Shadow people in a room

After you lower your vibration and stabilize your energy, you can also set the intention to hold the hands of either the energies of your loved ones or the hands of your own aspects as part of your shadow self. Being that these soul fragments or aspects can take any shape, you could really feel how they hold your hands or you hold their hands and it might be perceived as a scary experience for some. In some of my meditations I notice that sometimes my own aspects or aspects of my soul sister grab me tightly but I allow them to do this because normally a very strong healing takes place.

Also, the advantage of lowering your vibration is that if you experience kundalini syndrome or disruptive kundalini, it can help you to ground all the energy that becomes cycled in your auric system and most important of all it helps to remove energies of other people that flow in circular motion activating your kundalini without these energies being properly removed from your system.