Figure. Lucifer in starseed form inspiring musical talent.

In certain stages of our spiritual expansion, it feels like such a blessing to connect to beautiful beings of light who listen to us and who guide us in our journey. If you have followed the previous chapters and perhaps based on your own experiences, you might have discovered that in reality many of these guides are energies or aspects surrounding you that belong to very close soul family members who in many cases also have incarnated aspects in the physical realm.

As previously stated in the first chapters, you might have also collected a series of experiences in the lower realms of the astral/etheric planes of existence with energies that appear negative in many ways. A lot of people have interacted with beings that they label as shadow people, reptilians, demons, archons...etc. However, not all of these beings are in essence as negative as they appear. For the most part, a large part of your soul happens to know who these beings are because their presence indicate a need to heal a relationship or a traumatic experience. Imagine for example that a lady encounters a demon at night who seems to emotionally abuse her and she might even feel that "physically" this being is harming her. What she might be experiencing is in reality an aspect of an ex partner who is still present as a consequence of unhealed traumas from times in which he abused her in the physical realm. The fact that the lady recalls such encounters might also mean that she is already integrating the trauma at night by reliving again the scenes of abuse while the aspect of her ex partner is perceived as a demon, maybe even as a reptilian being (remember from chapter 9 that we all carry starseed codes in our etheric DNA and our wounded aspects in the less dense realms can take any shape).

Not everyone has the spiritual, mental, emotional or even physical integrity and strength to see and endure the memories or the echoes of trauma in the lower realms of the non-physical layers of existence. However, for the thousands of people who experience such negative encounters in these realms, there is an incomplete understanding of their own traumas and the collective traumas of Earth, generating more fear and reinforcing the idea that "dark forces" unrelated to us are always present to attack us and feed on our energies.

The astral/etheric dynamics are not so different to what takes place in physical except for the fluidity of the ethers that give enough freedom to our unintegrated aspects (both positive and negative) to shape-shift into any form. Even so, believe it or not, in many cases it might be safer to interact with beings in the lower astral realms than in physical when it comes to difficult relationships. It is in the cases in which we need to heal some very deep core wounds that it might be much easier to interact with the people who created these wounds in us and us to them in the non-physical realms than in physical.

Figure. What shadow people might look like at times.

Factors like deep resentment, fear, distance, outer circumstances, timing and any other factor that prevents a fluid communication with the relationships that gave to us painful experiences prevent us from giving closure and experiencing more inner peace. Communication with the aspects of these people attached to us can be a very effective way to give permanent closure to such issues. For a while, with deep clearing of stuck emotions and the development of mental strength I have been able to communicate more fluidly with aspects of people who have hurt me very deeply and who appear menacing in some way or another in the lower layers of the astral/etheric realms with wonderful and unexpected results in my own journey. My communication with many of these beings has been transformed in such a way that their energies feel less ambivalent and less threatening than before and they feel less present in my consciousness and in my whole vessel. In general though, communication with these energies is very positive for the most part.

I must warn the reader though, that if much fear exists within your soul related to astral/etheric encounters with people or beings that you fear or that you hold judgements towards based on the sea of information provided in social networks, videos and other materials related to such topics, you might wish to skip the techniques. The only risks that you can face is that you might not be prepared to deal with very deep traumas of abuse and you might even see very difficult past life scenes. I do not encourage a full OBE or full astral projection though. I only encourage a conscious awareness or a telepathic communication with the energies of abuse, which can show up in diverse forms.

If you feel that you have integrated enough of your essence and would like to further your knowledge on advanced healing techniques to reach the core of the 3D programming within yourself and in relationship to your family, friends, colleagues and society in general, mostly in cases in which you simply cannot give closure to such issues, you might want to try the following exercises and examples. This whole procedure is not the only way to heal difficult traumas though, in the following chapters I will present more options.

Figure. Kundalini merging

You might have experienced beautiful moments with beings in higher realms, even the merging of energies that to a certain extent feels blissful. Imagine that at this level of existence, you vibrate at a higher frequency and the beings that you encounter also assist you by merging temporarily their energies with your energies at a higher frequency. Some of these encounters might even feel sexual, triggering very strong kundalini flow. In some cases kundalini might even feel uncontrollable, but in the next chapters I will explain how to regulate and stop fully this flow in very safe ways. However, if your heart is very open to these kinds of merging, after healing a certain layer of pain from your soul, you might notice stronger drops in vibration leading you to experience deeper layers of pain and discomforts. Such processes can trigger an emotional roller coaster into what seems to be cycles of bipolarity as you travel without control through your multidimensional wounded self and the great confusion of your encounters in other realms. Some people have spread the idea that there are beings of false light that intend to harm you by making you believe they are positive. It is in reality this roller coaster of vibrations and dimensions of consciousness what makes you experience a very polarized interaction with the energies of loved ones and acquaintances that you cannot always recognize. Imagine an analogy in your daily life in which you interact with a relative who at one moment is happy with you and the next moment is scolding you and attacking you. Such dynamic applies in a more fluid way in the astral/etheric realms.

There are only two differences between what people call "thought -forms" and self-aware beings (negative or positive). One difference is their size in terms of amount of life force and the other is the dimension or layer in which these beings reside. Imagine a very small fragment of life force that looks like a tiny sphere of light that belongs to a parent or a friend and who only seems to echo in your mind with a specific message or memory. Imagine in contrast a very large portion of the totality of the soul of your loved one who has a very large degree of self-awareness and who can shape-shift into many different forms and who can hold very long conversations with you in one way or another from day to day. In some cases you only get to see the energies surrounding you whether big or small as colorful dots as shown in previous chapters, or taking the shape of a very large dragon or simply in human form that looks more solid. In other cases though you might just hear these beings talking without seeing them. Dimensions and their layers play a big part in how you perceive these connections.

Figure. Little fragments surrounding the aura might look like tiny insects.

A very long time ago, when my boyfriend Corné and me were only starting to learn about the nature of the beings surrounding us, I told him that we should just listen to the light beings and not the dark beings. Right after, a lady began communicating with me through him asking me why I was ignoring their voice. It came as a surprise to me and she was definitely speaking to us both in such a way that you could see that there was a certain kind of negative tone in her words without attacking us in any way. Even more surprising was to discover that this female communicating to us was just a fragmented energy of my own soul that was attached to his aura but who had been silent for a very long time only observing. It was a very interesting lesson for us both and a great encouragement for myself to start opening my communication channels to negative entities. For many years my experience with all kinds of positive and negative entities has been truly positive and rich for the most part, and very healing, far from harmful. I can tell you with much honesty that if there is something that worries me is what we can do to harm each other in physical and not what already exists in the astral/etheric layers. If I experience great discomfort in my encounters with beings or energies in non-physical realms it is because while I interact with them I am integrating my own traumas by feeling the fears or other negative emotions and some physical discomforts that disappear once the integration/healing/removal session is complete.

I never get to see or experience more than what I can handle. If in such case I start seeing with my higher chakras horrible scenes then I only open my eyes and start doing some breathing exercises.