"Your history has not been hijacked nor has your future been demolished. Nothing is in the firm carving of stone, and dark magic cannot withstand the light of love recognized and magnified. It is this that is your salvation, dear ones, not some silver ship from the sky. Oh, we are present, that is true, but the savior you have sought, if you have had the courage to believe in salvation, is within yourselves. It is the way of the true Earth to act in accordance with such knowledge, and the path home for those voyagers who have their home elsewhere. Together you can open the path so more may find their way home, the path within." - Time Transformers (League of Light) - through Maryann Rada

Birth of a Sun by my boyfriend Corné Roovers

Continuing with the previous chapter on the individual and collective cycles and choices that have shaped our destiny over time, there are two additional areas in particular that have lead to huge wounds within our souls. When we remember who we truly are in essence, we come to understand that our potential is limitless, over time we have gained unimaginable skills from aspects that are waiting to be remembered by our consciousness and integrated into our souls to make a new set of decisions that will shift our reality once more. Within this realization come s the understanding that we were never confined to the restrictions set by another, even less by the apparent power of an outer source. Why have we forgotten our potential to feel deep within our Divinity?

All things dogmatic and the birth of a doctrine

Throughout history, certain literary works have served as a basis to shape many of the beliefs and faith of humanity. These literary pieces contain the knowledge of the Divine, along with the historical trajectory of individuals who, in some way or another, had the mental and energetic capacity to communicate with other realms and in a possibly accurately or distorted way, depending on individual dimensional consciousness, to the Source of Creation.

Ancient scripture

Divinity was then arche-typified with a recollection of human experiences in relationship to God, along with dialogues and instructions given to the ancient people by a certain being or beings of a supreme and powerful nature, according to the transmissions received and the capacity of such individuals to interpret such messages.

Abraham has faced fear in battle with the Mesopotamian kings. But now he faces fear of a different sort -- fear in the presence of an awesome God who appears to him. God shows Abraham the stars to illustrate his innumerable descendents. By German painter Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld (1794-1872), engraving, from "Bibel in Bildern" (1851-60)

Nowadays, transmissions with Source and other levels of multidimensionality is no longer exclusive of a very limited number of individuals. With the cleansing of the blocks that suppressed the flow of energy through the higher chakras and above, receiving a Divine transmission is a more generalized occurrence.

The implications of limited groups over time organizing the way in which the previous transmissions and experiences, cataloged as Divine in nature were being taught and shared with the masses, have been complex.

The Divine teachings had such impact over time that up to this day we can see that some of the deepest wounds that we all carry individually and collectively stemming from the way these teachings have been taught, along with certain spiritual practices. If you read the list of patterns, fears and traumas in Chapter 12, you will recognize how some of these are related to this spiritual/religious journey.

major religions, cults and worship

The motivation for people to acquire a set of spiritual or religious beliefs is in essence to remember their own Divinity and to remember their connection to God/Source/Everything. There is another motivation, that stems from the very deep pain of feeling disconnected from themselves and from God. It is through this deep wound that people, consciously or unconsciously misguide others into a darker path of disempowerment and further soul fragmentation.

Take the typical example of an individual who has the noble intention of guiding others into the recognition of their true power, or for the mere purpose of gaining power through manipulation. In the first case, If the one who takes the role of being a spiritual leadercarries very deep wounds, it is likely that unconsciously what would begin as a noble intention turns into a cycle of distortion and pain for a group of people seeking spiritual answers, healing and support.

On top of that, certain spiritual and religious institutions over millennia of experience have been hiding important knowledge from humanity with the excuse that people would misuse it, misunderstand it, or simply as a means to achieve great power to manipulate others.

The Japanese cult Aum Shinrikyo translates to the “Supreme Truth” and it was founded by Shoko Asahara in 1984. Under the cover of a yoga and meditation cult, this group was granted religious status and eventually became increasingly dangerous. In the decade that passed Asahara and his followers were accused of forced donations, fraud, and even murder.

Up to this day, in an era where knowledge is no longer hidden in general terms, there are still cults that operate in secrecy, and in some cases, when their motivations and actions are revealed, people have witnessed the disastrous consequences of such practices on a larger scale.

Some of these cults and institutions have a painful record of being involved in practices such as:

1. Brainwashing and manipulation.

2. Drug trafficking.

3. Emotional, mental and physical abuse.

4. Deprivation of liberty.

5. Soul fragmentation through misuse of psychic powers.

6. Inducing massive suicide.

7. Stripping away material possessions from believers.

German scientist Dr Svetla Balabanova was studying the mummified remains of Lady Henut Taui, a member of the ruling class, when she made a surprising discovery – the mummy contained traces of nicotine and cocaine. Disbelief in the findings led to alternative hypotheses, for example, that the tests were contaminated or the mummies were fakes, but these ideas were disproved and the mummy and the test results were found to be authentic.

It is not too hard to see how these deep wounds are still being played over and over again in different sectors of society, to the point of unleashing wars, combined with economic motives.

How these cycles might affect you on a subconscious level


During the last decades, with the massive eclectic integration of past doctrines and teachings, more complex problems that we might not be aware of might be affecting us.

Imagine that in certain periods during the development of many civilizations some spiritual and religious practices were common and we decided to participate in the experience of adopting them.

Maybe we decided to become at some point a spiritual leader who took a positive or a negative role. Within positive roles certain deep wounds can still be experienced, both for the one who teaches as well as for the one who becomes the student, like for example the disapproval of certain beliefs and practices within a group or on a larger scale. The consequences of such disapproval can lead to devastating consequences, including violence and death.

From such wounds, at some point, the ones carrying these wounds might have a sense of wanting to save others or to lead them in a spiritual way that ends up becoming distorted, because of such deep wounds. For example, some people seeking knowledge have found that many people who take a role as a spiritual guide might be spreading a fearful perception of reality, claiming that he/she is in charge of protecting others from certain unseen dark forces. Based on this kind of mindset, the ones who are taught to believe in threatening forces, over time might fall into a new cycle of disempowerment and fear.

Even worse, imagine that at this point one of our biggest lessons is to discern with our hearts among different choices of healing modalities and healers who might be misleading others, or who might even harm the one who seeks healing, far from receiving a benefit.

Healing is for many a respectable profession and you can find many good healers but if you constantly seek for help and do not feel long-lasting results from their work, it is likely that you seek from a place of disempowerment and lack of trust in yourself.

When a healer is not aware of his/her own wounds and the entities attached to his/her aura, a harmful contamination might happen while the healer is trying to fix a problem in another's aura. The healer can send his/her problems to the one being healed and create chords. Other times, the one who is being healed does not see the expected results and might end up sending to the healer negativity.

Some healers that are not responsible at all or they tap into the astral confusion of fragmented information might offer fancy services that present many distortions that might be very harmful for the one being healed. As an example, in an upcoming study case you will learn about some of the distortions that have been spread during the past decades and that are still having some harmful consequences in the ones seeking healing.

In the worst cases, just like how in ancient times black magic was a common practice and other forms of sorcery that offer special services to affect another person, these practices are commonplace within society.

Magic in ancient Greece consisted of beliefs, cultic practices and rituals and that were not entirely sanctioned by society in general. However magic such as amulets, love potions, even a hat that renders the wearer invisible, is used in countless Greek myths. The wealth of evidence available also demonstrates that magic included love spells, curses, charms, amulets, conjuring, and illusions. 

Some ill-intentioned black magicians offer healing services or other forms of energy transfer claiming that the one being healed will gain certain abilities or power, and the consequences of falling for their negative agenda can have repercussions over lifetimes of experience. In a future chapter some knowledge on how to heal these heinous traumas will be provided.


In certain civilizations, leadership roles not only involved political and economical power but also spiritual practices and occult knowledge. From there, a negative role of such kind would involve the worshiping and enslavement of the ones being controlled by such individuals and groups.

This is a delicate topic and must be researched in depth. There are many sources of information regarding this topic but often, the description of such roles has a metaphorical and symbolic tone, or the gruesome description of the roles of such individuals is not acknowledged to be literal.

I have read a few testimonials of people having dreamed or tapped in meditation into disturbing memories of such form of manipulation which has been an eye opener, in the sense of clarifying the roles of certain people and their negative influence that affects in many ways those who followed them.

Not all roles were negative in this area though. Another common incident is the worshiping of a spiritual leader that tries to spread a positive message and knowledge in equality, and who  create such a loving bond and inspiration, that those who follow might feel such a sense of deep loneliness and despair ending up in a codependent relationship to the one who leads.

Pondering  about the creation of religious and spiritual institutions, as well as spiritual practices for the benefit or detriment of another or even for society, help us to understand the wide variety of roles we have played over lifetimes of adventures in relationship to our spiritual power and the mental beliefs we carry from such experiences about our connection to God. When we feel a deep pain while observing the current conflicts taking place in the religious and spiritual arena, we shall go deep into our own pain and ask ourselves why what we see outside of us affects us on many levels. From that starting point, we can free ourselves from those limitations and we will understand better why others now experience such forms of disempowering practices.


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