"Have you come to understand that there is no future in maintaining the past as if it were the present? While the past has certain mysteries to unlock, and a few surprises yet to yield to a world long unaware of its origins, the moment that is Now cannot be pinned down and forced into repetition. Nor can a jettisoned timeline become resurrected and forced into the encoding that sentient beings have created for the purpose of expressing life in form. Life, with a capital “L”, has plans of its own, and, to borrow a well-placed saying, come hell or high water, life will have its day. Despite the fears that trick your mind, life will live its manifest way. There is nothing that can prevent life from continuing. Even the darkest nightmares of death or perdition cannot stop life’s essence from living. Form, as you say, follows function. Thus it is with life." - Isis Soul Collective through Maryann Rada

Greyara in Egypt by my boyfriend Corné Roovers

Please read Chapter 3 on Responsible Information Management for a further understanding of the information provided in this chapter.

Since people began gaining more awareness about the nature of physical reality and the subtle realms, one of the trending topics has been the power to manifest abundance in physical terms. Many formulas have been shared, which include mantras, positive affirmations, knowledge about the Law of Attraction, along with other tools. Over time, many have realized that sometimes it is not so simple to manifest what our hearts desire and people keep questioning why they are stuck in patterns of not being always as successful as they wish they were.

For others, manifestation is already happening faster without doing a real conscious effort or applying a special recipe. In the end, manifestation comes when our minds are in tune with our hearts and we reach a new equilibrium during our journey. Even so, it is worth understanding certain important events that have shaped our current society and the individual and collective patterns that block us from reaching a more harmonious existence with awareness.

If you are feeling comfortable with your life at the moment, and your resources, you might have reached an acceptable state of inner balance, but you might still question yourself why you see around you so much imbalance and disharmony. Maybe you feel the need to contribute to the betterment of society in some ways but you feel a sense of frustration.

As mentioned in the fist chapter, our planet holds a combination of soul groups that have chosen different experiences and degrees of spiritual expansion. When we carry very deep-rooted patterns and wounds, certain things that we see around us are still reminding us about these deep wounds. Then we would like to play the role of the wounded-healer, which in many ways is a wonderful thing because it opens a doorway to empathy and compassion. But sometimes worrying too much and not being able to act when you see disharmony around you might not be the wisest attitude. There is still poverty, greed, violence and war.

Maybe you feel that your authorities are unfair, that many corporations are corrupt, that groups within society are indifferent towards the suffering of others and you feel a deep sadness. There is something very important that we must understand though. If you already have some awareness of past lives, you might have already experienced much suffering, like many people that you see around you currently suffering. In this sense, you could find some comfort knowing that later on through the journey of these souls, they will seek the same kind of spiritual knowledge and inner peace that you seek.


As a consequence of a lack of information, along with a partial awareness of past lives in ancient civilizations and periods of Earth's history, many people have thought that life during those ancient times was much better than how life is in general terms in our modern society.

The entire eastern world faced an onslaught from new invaders known as The Sea Peoples and slipped into a dark age. After these brutal conquers were repelled by Ramesses III their old enemies like the Libyans and Nubians rose up and then and invaded. Internal conflict was another cause of the fall of Egyptian power as a sect of priests contended with the Princes for Pharaoh the New Kingdom slipped into the “Third Intermediate Period” and Late period. It is often regarded as the last gasp of a once great culture, where the power of Egypt had greatly diminished.

Very few people have been able to recall from the Akasha in meditation or in dreamstate, certain painful and gruesome events that took place throughout history of civilizations. Unlike what some new age stories tell about the wonders and pseudo-spiritual advancement in such ancient civilizations, people who recall important events during such times, tell otherwise. I am personally one who has seen much horror, which is many ways, identical to certain things we witness everyday in the news, sometimes even worse. This information is not meant to discredit the advancement or the importance of such civilizations though. Every experience for each soul and for Source is important and holds the key to understanding Creation in many ways.

When we do extensive research about a topic, we should not limit ourselves to only one perspective or studying through the eyes of a certain discipline. Over time, many historians, archaeologists, paleontologists, geopoliticians, economists, philosophers and scientists have worked exhaustively doing research, following a very precise scientific methodology. Unfortunately, studying merely from a dogmatic perspective or making assumptions based on personal theories and partial Akashic recordinformation can lead to huge distortions and we might miss important pieces of information. We should always acknowledge the hard work of those who approach facts from different fields of study or combinations of such.

Some information about ancient civilizations can be found through the records that the very same people who lived in such time periods left over time. Sometimes this information should not be interpreted so symbolically but more literal, while in other cases the information holds a metaphorical significance. Images say much more than words many times.

Within certain new age trends, much of the actual information provided through a strict methodology, has been discredited and replaced with assumptions and symbolic distortions in an attempt to avoid seeing many wounds that are being told through important documents. "Maybe these violent scenes were not real as such, maybe they just represented this or something like this." Our history is indeed painful but we do not need to recall it in detail.

Remember that you will only have access to information that you are meant to know and that is useful during your journey, which means that you do not have to know all the time the details of each painful event that took place in ancient times. But there are some things worth considering, in order to connect some dots with the current reality of our modern society.

wounds associated to misusing power and money

A very common imbalance within our souls and collectively is the use of money and power in terms of leadership positions.These wounds are among the biggest imbalances that prevent us from manifesting the resources that we need and that our hearts desire in fair measures. We might have at this time the best of intentions with ideas and dreams in mind about what we would like to see in our lives, in the lives of our loved ones and the collective path.

What blocks us might be very deep subconscious wounds associated to fear or hate towards money, greed, desire for power to rule and control and decide the fate of others, or fear of misusing power and misleading others. You might not relate at all on a conscious level to these attitudes towards the use of resources and power, but part of your shadow self might carry some of these patterns. If you feel drawn towards certain positions of power and leadership, especially in ancient times, it is likely that you might need to know over time some spiritual lessons associated to such roles. With leadership comes the huge responsibility of knowing that your decisions can affect positively or negatively small or large groups of people. Ancient positions of power might be a clear mirror in many ways of our current leaders playing both positive and negative roles at this time.

With the interest of past life regression comes the interest of roles that might have had an important influence over the life of others. Certain roles should not be taken so lightly and these should be studied in great detail using as many objective sources of information as possible.

The Maya city-states went to war with one another for several different reasons. Part of it was military dominance: to bring more territory or vassal states under the command of a larger city. Capturing prisoners was a priority, especially high-ranking ones. These prisoners would be ritually humiliated at the victorious city: sometimes, the battles were played out again in the ball court, with the losing prisoners sacrificed after the “game.” It is known that some of these prisoners remained with their captors for years before finally being sacrificed.

Take as example the lives of certain kings, queens, emperors, judges and pharaohs who would use their power and resources to conquer lands and strip away other people from their possessions, or their chaotic love lives and painful family relationships. Some negative roles are seen as popular and interesting, but every decision taken had an impact in the life of many, creating soul fragmentation on a very large scale. The lack of love in the hearts of many individuals who possessed power was reflected through their negative actions.

On the other hand, imagine that in the lives of many peasants, slaves or laborers, who are seen as the most ordinary people by many, with the apparently most irrelevant roles, are actually the ones that might have the greatest examples of hard work, faith, loyalty and humbleness but also, very painful experiences.

Do you then see where imbalances in power lie?

Money is closely associated to the use of power in many ways, just like in the above examples. Furthermore, in a spiritual quest, many individuals have thought that by getting rid of most if not all material possessions, one could have a rich spiritual life. Imagine for example the lives of the ascetics and the deep-rooted belief that in order to be spiritual, people should leave money and possessions behind and live a very poor life.

Another example of a poverty and greed mindset comes from the ideology of the Knights Templars.

Members joining the Knights Templars took oaths of poverty, and donated all their cash, valuables and property to the Order. Between these extensive "gifts", treasures from battles, and  the massive grants from the Pope, the Templars ammased a true fortune.The Templars quite naturally developed an extensive banking system as a result of transporting money and treasures between Palestine and Europe, and from lending money to Spanish pilgrims travelling to the Holy Land.

As you can see, these paradigms are incompatible, and as such, the aspects of our souls that carry equal or similar patterns are not compatible among themselves, but as we integrate these aspects little by little, we must seek balance in such a way that we reach a consensus within our souls and the aspects that make up our shadow self.


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