You have learned so far many simple yet effective healing techniques, as well as some important theoretical healing principles and concepts of the layers of our vessel. It is time for you to experience more refined and complex methods.

After having worked with the basic exercises to remove intrusive energies, bringing back the energy of your soul that left during traumatic experiences, cutting chords with karmic connections, and healing your aura, you can start working more consciously with all the layers and dimensions of your aura. Each layer of our non-physical vessel resides in a different dimension. Our healing must take place in all dimensions, so that our consciousness and our whole soul can be fully connected in all of these dimensions, in such a way that less and less we feel disconnected from ourselves and from the rest of Creation.

Figure. Trinket pot by sue Hammans

Let us start working with the first dimension, which is one of the most traumatized layers, and the current state of this dimension keeps us very ungrounded, with a sense of not having a strong Love basis in our physical existence and all our connections in general. It is the dimension of the root chakra, with all its layers, which keeps us grounded and connected.

Start connecting to your root chakra and to the first layers of your aura associated to this chakra. Feel your root chakra and visualize the layers of your aura in this dimension as bright ruby red layers that cover your physical vessel but also that intertwine with it. Sense the disharmonious energies that do not belong to your soul that are stuck in this dimension of yourself. You might perceive them as dark stains all around you, or energies taking all kinds of shapes. Set the intention to bring back all the ruby red energy that belongs to your soul and that needs to repair this dimension of your soul, allowing the other energies that do not belong to you, to leave. You can do this by pure intention or by visualizing ruby red energy coming back to the layers of this dimension of your aura.

You might feel lots of symptoms while you do this very powerful exercise. Personally, while I did this one, I felt all kinds of physical discomforts and strong emotions like anger and some fears, as well as tingles and the perception of intruding energies leaving the layers of my aura associated to the root chakra, as well as indirect healing taking place in many other dimensions, and my heart chakra.

Figure. Autumn sprite by Sue Hammans

When you feel that it is appropriate to stop, continue with the next layers associated to the sacral chakra, by visualizing these layers above the red layers as orange layers, but at the same time intertwining the red ones. You will notice that somehow, the quality of these layers and this dimension feels in a way a bit more subtle and more delicate, but also with a subtle sensual quality. These layers are associated to the way we express our sensuality and also the way we relate to ourselves and to others. This dimension is associated to self-image, the way we perceive ourselves, including our basic gender qualities as human beings. Again, you will perceive the imbalances, rips and intruding energies in one way or another surrounding you. Set the intention to clear these layers in whichever way you prefer, following the basic variety of exercises described in previous chapters, for example mentally spinning the intruding energies in such a way that through energy vortexes they leave your auric field. Very  likely you might sense more strong emotions being processed, more physical discomforts and some specific issues coming to the surface.

You can do this powerful healing in several sessions, not just one as clearing and healing each dimension of your soul might take one or more long sessions. It is recommended that if you feel drawn to practicing this particular method, that you do it frequently. So far it is one of the most powerful methods I have been developing for myself, having received the proper inner guidance to do it.

Figure. Yellow rose by Sue Hammans

Continuing with the next dimension, imagine that over the orange layers, but also intertwining all lower layers, the next layers are bright yellow, like a sun. Again, set the intention to see the imbalances, rips and intruding energies and clear this dimension, while you bring forth all your yellow energy that is absent. This dimension is associated with personal power, abused-abuser wounded aspects, control issues, etc. Feel the subtleness of this dimension and allow all feelings and sensations to flow. While working with this dimension, I notice that very strong emotions flow, like feeling rage derived from powerlessness. Yellow has been an energy that I would not work with frequently, feeling drawn towards other colors, which shows how much imbalance there has been in this area. It is good to work with frequencies that we do not feel so drawn towards, because it might indicate the need to bring them back into our system.

Figure. Untitled by Sue Hammans

The next dimension is the dimension where the material realm and the spiritual realms of individual expression converge: the dimension of the heart. Our heart is the most broken part of our soul, in symbolic and literal ways. The area around our heart chakra is the one where the biggest auric rips exist. To open our hearts to another can be the most blissful experience but also the most painful. It is by opening our heart that we become the most vulnerable, like a beautiful innocent child. This dimension is one of the largest dimensions of our being and one which has lots of layers. When I meditated to heal this dimension, the area surrounding my physical vessel associated to emerald green looked very large, larger than the previous layers. This one feels very loving and subtle, most definitely one that connects in beautiful ways the other dimensions and layers, bringing the most perfect healing qualities of our soul. When you open your heart chakra to the experience of healing in all its forms, miracles happen, and it turns into a gateway to the most vulnerable part of our inner child. When I connect deeply with this dimension for a huge healing to take place within my soul, I end up crying like a baby, feeling how all the pain beneath all the layers of the shadow self integrate and heal and the Love of God/Source/OM embraces my whole being.

Figure. Dream seas by Sue Hammans

In the next dimension you will connect to the realms of the throat chakra, all the layers associated to this vortex surrounding your physical vessel, in soft tones of blue and a touch of purple. You might notice blocks on the area of your throat, where all communication forms are born. When these layers of our auric field are damaged and when our throat chakra is blocked, we might carry deep traumas associated to the way we communicate with others. Perhaps since we were children others did not allow us to express ourselves and currently, in our modern society, language tends to be distorted in many ways. We no longer say "I love you" but instead we replace our intentions with simple impersonal expressions like "Love you", showing how we cannot connect to others fully without carrying deep subconscious blocks. Our communication blocks often create diseases associated to the throat and areas surrounding this important vortex. So many of our problems stem from our inability to communicate our ideas clearly to each other, and we wish that others could sense our intentions.

On top of these problems, we are taught to  avoid expressing our feelings clearly to each other, as we carry the fears of rejection or not being understood. It is important to balance the blue and purple frequencies of communication within our souls, so that we are able to connect with each other in deep ways, through communication skills.

Figure. Aster by Sue Hammans

The next level of our being is the dimension of the mind and the abilities to move and control energy around us. This chakra, or third eye, gives us clarity to focus on what we do and what we think, but also in the way we relate to all things that cannot be seen in physical, in such a way that we move energy with psychic power. For eons, this chakra was among the most blocked ones, and these layers of the dimension of the mind have been torn apart by deep traumas. When you connect to these layers of the auric field and the third eye, visualize your layers in indigo color. You might notice many intruding energies within the range of the third eye and all the area surrounding the head, as well as other areas of your system. When you clear these layers, you regain the spiritual clarity and see things from new more enlightening perspectives, you tend to focus more on certain tasks instead of having a scattered mind, and you can even see the spiritual realms more vividly with less distortions. Set the intention to clear all the blocks within these layers and bring back the indigo energies of your wounded aspects back into all your system.

Figure. Channeling the Violet Flame by Sue Hammans

Finally, we have reached the realms of the crown chakra, the last of our chakras that regulates our individuality. You can visualize these layers with a beautiful violet tone, over all other layers of your aura, but also intertwining them. This chakra and the associated layers represent the threshold between our individuality and our collective consciousness, as well as God/Source/OM. When these layers are blocked and damaged, and our crown is also blocked, we cannot connect to our divinity and the knowledge of spirit. We feel disconnected from Source and from everyone on a spiritual level. We cannot relate to others and others seem different to us in a spiritual way, somehow. When we bring forth the lost frequencies of our soul that belong to these upper layers of our auric field then we connect once again to our own divinity and we feel the spiritual connection to every human being and other lifeforms, and the love of Source.

Intend to clear these layers of your being and remove all intruding energies that prevent you from connecting to existence. Allow violet energy to flow directly from above and shower with these beautiful energies. You might feel pressure on your head and pressure going down, as well as tingles on the area of the crown and flowing down through the rest of your system. Symptoms might be different depending on your condition.

I had a beautiful experience while doing this exercise. I felt how I was transforming in etheric form into a very large beautiful violet dragon with some light blue scales and very beautiful violet-blue eyes. A very powerful aspect was coming back, which carried the frequencies of the upper layers of my energetic system.