The key hole

Look through the key hole,

You will discover a new world !

Fetch the key in you heart

And be a part of it…

The key hole by Anaya Marie-Chantal Kindou

Healing through color

When you become acquainted with the movements of the energy within and outside your aura and you perceive different frequencies, you can start working with techniques in which you switch the frequency of energy by changing the perceived colors of the fragments and parts of your aura that are imbalanced. Please read Chapter 7 in which colors and frequencies are described before doing the following exercises.

Take as an example a situation in which you detect in your aura a big chunk of brownish green energy as opposed to other areas in your aura in which you see a flow of bright vivid colors. In this case either the muddy-dark colors indicate that you need to remove this energy or the energy belongs to you but a shift in frequency must happen in order for the energy to be reincorporated into your aura without chords attached to it that might belong to other people.  Set the intention to be shown what to do. Maybe you need to turn this energy into a bright emerald green energy or some other high vibrational color. Allow your own mind and heart to guide you or you can ask for help from your Higher Self and I AM Presence or even the fragment that you see might share some wisdom with you if you communicate with the energy that is not balanced.

An easy way to shift the vibration of a fragment of energy is by spinning the energy that shows an imbalance and while you spin the energy converting it into a vortex, you change the color of the energy. An example is shown in the following figure:

A muddy brownish-green fragment of energy that creates a disease is healed and integrated by shifting its frequency through a vortex of bright emerald energy by spinning the imbalanced energy, setting the intention to turn the dark color into a bright emerald green.

Imagine a different situation in which your heart has been broken in a painful way. Someone hurt you and as a consequence you have many auric rips within the area of the heart chakra and its surroundings. You feel very resentful after the trauma and you feel that you cannot overcome your feelings of being angry with the person who has hurt you. Not only has part of your energy become attached to the person who broke your heart along with some chords, but also, another part of your energy is surrounding you, which looks like a very dark red energy accumulated in the area of your lower chakras.

In such case, you adopt a more negative attitude towards life and sometimes you are aggressive towards other people. A cycle of negativity begins for you and the ones around you and probably you end up having many failed relationships.

The trauma might take some time to heal but the exercise that could help you to heal this specific trauma is by focusing on all this dark red energy that surrounds you and that is accumulated in the area of your lower chakras and around you and then set the intention to convert this lower frequency into a healing bright green emerald energy.

Not only will the excessive red energy will shift and become more balanced but also the energy will go upwards into the area where you have the auric rips close to your heart and within your heart chakra. The chords will be cut and you will release the anger and the pain that you have been carrying for a very long time. Additionally, you will get rid of the energy of the person who has hurt you and that became attached to you in a negative way. The following figure shows graphically this procedure:

An accumulation of fragments vibrating at a low frequency that looks dark red caused by traumas leads to imbalances like constant anger and frustration, along with auric rips in the area of heart chakra. Converting the energy to a bright emerald green restores the balance and heals the broken heart.

The more you practice healing with colors, the easier it will be for you to become skilled creating balance in your personal flow of energies along with your mental, emotional and physical balance.

Imagine a very similar situation to the exercise described above. There are cases in which, instead of changing the frequency of the energies that you need to integrate, you simply absorb them just the way they are and they will help you to heal the imbalances that you carry.

If in situations like the previous one described you need to work with traumas that turned some of your aspects into negative personalities, these negative aspects can be integrated by working with the colors they are associated to. For example, going back to the situation in which you need to integrate dark red energies without changing their vibration, ask for these energies to embrace you with their red energy. You might experience a deep healing while you feel the anger that you have not been able to heal in the past. You might even hear your own aspect or aspects guiding you through the process. I have had some very wonderful experiences working with some of my own negative aspects, they guide me through the process while I integrate energies that look red or orange or in some cases yellow. You might feel burning tingles or a great sense of relief while integrating and healing your own negativity.

Akashic Records by my boyfriend Corné Roovers


Working more consciously with the energies beyond the visible spectrum is not so difficult. Most of the energies that surround us cannot be perceived but these energies can be felt in many ways.

For example, when dealing with a large degree of negative emotions, if you allow the energy to flow through you without judgement, sometimes you might start feeling a very warm energy that is similar to electricity, but in reality it is more subtle and beyond electric. You will feel that the negative emotions are no longer felt in the emotional body but instead, you are processing the energies in a more powerful, yet subtle way that feels like a continuous flow of burning tingles.

Here is a simple exercise:

If you feel that you need to process very strong negative emotions coming from a large trauma, go as deep as you can into the negative emotions. If you feel that some affirmation might help, you can tell to your wounded aspect or aspects that it is safe for you to become fully the negativity. Embrace the experience fully, become the anger and the resentment without fear or judgment. Allow the feelings to be felt in all of your being and ask this energy to heal you at all possible levels.

The more you allow the energy to flow through you at all levels, the less emotional the energy will become and the more energetic the experience will be felt. Before reaching this point though, you might even purge a lot of pain through tears and you might feel a very deep pain in your heart. Embrace everything and allow yourself to feel all the pain and allow the invisible energy to flow through each particle of your being.

One thing that you might experience is seeing that you are being surrounded and embraced by a very black energy or maybe black stains will cover you. Do not fear the experience, remember that what we perceive many times as a black energy is just an energy that cannot be translated into a color or colors and it might be even brighter than what you think it is. Think about dark matter for example, as mentioned previously in Soul Retrieval Theory Part IV.

I have had some wonderful healings through the use of energy that my third eye cannot translate yet into a color or a brightness.


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