The bird of paradise by Anaya Marie-Chantal Kindou


In the first chapter of the Soul Retrieval Theory, the movement of energies outside and inside the aura was explained when a healing takes place. The movement looks usually like a vortex of energy, or what might seem to be spinning rings. These movements have been a source of confusion for many, because they do not understand what a vortex means. When I was a child, I would often see at night in my vision, with my eyes open, a black vortex spinning in front of me, and it was too scary and incomprehensible for me. Only a few years ago I understood that by the time I as a small child, Harmonic Convergence was happening, and there were strong influxes of energy since then.

Many skilled healers know that it is easy to work with energy when setting the intention to move it by making it spin fast, creating vortexes that either help to remove entities or that help to integrate energies or entities that belong to the auric field of the one who is being healed. Using vortexes of energy help to move large amounts of fragments in a short period of time.

You can either work with fragments of energy individually or in small groups, or you can work with fragments on a grander scale. First I will guide you through some exercises in order for you to work with fragments individually or in small groups in specific areas.

Make sure to see in meditation which entities belong to you and which entities belong to others. When you figure out which ones belong to others, then surround them mentally through visualization by a vortex of energy that resembles a small tornado and then send the entities through a portal of light in order to remove them or simply allow them to leave.

Use vortexes to integrate your own energy and repair auric rips that you see. Your own mind will start guiding you as to which colors you can use or the size of the vortexes that you must visualize and feel. For example, you can create violet vortexes with your mind and use them to remove energies. Some energies take longer to remove depending on how dense they are or how big but you can also create huge vortexes around and within your aura.

1. Example of a small vortex made of violet energies that assists in removing fragments from the auric field and outside the auric field. 2. Example of a small vortex made of golden energies that assists in integrating a fragment or fragments belonging to the soul of the individual who has auric rips.

 A large vortex made of golden energies that covers the auric field, within and outside, assists in removing large amounts of fragments attached to the aura, and helps repair the auric rips.


Some people who have removed entities attached to their energy system have heard them saying that they do not want to leave or they pose other forms of resistance. This is very common in many cases because entities have a partial awareness of themselves and the person that they are attached to.

Imagine a situation in which you left your partner in a painful way. The emotional bond that existed between you two makes it very painful for your partner to accept your decision. Your partner grieved your loss and part of his/her energy got attached to your auric field creating a rip in his/her auric field, along with chords attached to each other. When you try removing the energy of the partner that you left in a previous incarnation, you might hear this energy telling you that he/she does not want to leave you. During my own healing sessions, I have experienced similar situations.

Now imagine that someone did something very painful to you and you felt rage and impotence. If the situation was very traumatic for you, part of your energy leaves you, along with the emotions of rage and impotence and these becomeattached to the person who harmed you. If at some point, the person becomes aware of your energy, he/she might hear your energy in a threatening way and the person might even feel your rage.

Vortexes are a very powerful way to deal with these difficult energies at all times.

An example of how you might perceive the removal of a fragment or entity that takes a specific shape is shown in the following figure, based on a personal experience:

Large beetle-like being attached to my aura began leaving, giving the impression of being disintegrated during the process in a vortex-like movement.


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