The journey

From far away I came, to give my soul a game to play

From far away I came, to live a life of joy and pain

From a pure Love intention, my journey began

Through time and space I travelled, in the mist of a cosmic dust

Giving life to Mother, Father and Child

Water, earth and fire

Mountains, lakes and forests

Of the beauty of creation

I took a taste

Sweet, soft and precious

The Journey, art and poetry by Anaya Marie-Chantal Kindou

While you progress through your healing journey, you activate new skills and abilities. It becomes easier to understand your auric system and the journey of your soul. After you have practiced removing single entities or small groups of entities from your aura, and after you have brought back energies that belong to your soul, you can start practicing new exercises. These new exercises will assist you in order for you to reintegrate larger amounts of fragments or entities that became detached from your aura during traumatic situations. At the same time, you can remove larger amounts of entities or energies that belong to other people that are attached to you.

Before giving to you the instructions on how to do this, let us first examine more in depth the nature of past life experiences from an energetic perspective and the process that takes place when you heal your past lives.

When we experience an incarnation, our etheric body grows with each experience and we gather information. Imagine how much energy we have accumulated over time with each incarnation. When we are born in each incarnation, our aura is small in size. During the past cycles in 3th density, our auras could not reach a big size in each incarnation because it was not time to ascend and merge with our aspects, along with the traumas that we might have experienced in so many of our journeys which kept constantly our auras broken and unable to grow in size further.

With the change in cycle, having made the transition to the 4th density (multiple dimensions simultaneously), our aura is growing more and more in size when we heal different timelines and we merge with our Higher Self and our Shadow Self. Remember that the shadow is simply the collection of all of our separated parts that represent a set of programs that make us perceive ourselves as being in conflict and in a state of separation from the rest of All that Is.

In the following figure you can see how, while we integrate our experiences and whilewe heal the parts of our soul that are not in alignment, our aura grows.

Figure 51. Expansion of the aura through soul retrieval.

Along with the integrations comes other auric rips because we are building our personal puzzle. In order for you to complete your integration process while your aura grows, do the following exercise, and you can enhance it in ways that your heart tells you to do so:

Set the intention to see how much your aura has grown and see the current size of your aura, including all the layers that make up your system. An easy way to see the boundary of your whole aura is by seeing your aura like a huge transparent bubble. After you have seen the current size of your aura, focus on any auric rips that you might have within the range of your aura.

When you have identified the rips, ask or set the intention to bring forth the energy of your soul that has not been recovered yet, that can fill in those gaps. The simplest way to do this is by visualizing bright white energy coming inside your aura and filling inside the gaps or rips like a bright liquid that heals and soothes your whole being. You might experience discomforts, either physical or emotional or even mental during the process. Other times, you might only feel soothing tingles, hot flashes or goosebumps, or simply a strong flow of incoming energies like a form of electricity.

Figure 52. Repairing auric rips with higher vibrational energies that belong to the individual's soul.

I must warn you though that sometimes when we heal the auric rips, we invite more energies that belong to our soul to heal and we might experience for a while a new wave of discomforts.

If you have ever wondered why, after doing strong healings on yourself or why, after a skilled healer has done strong healings on you, you experience more discomforts. It is because you are opening up more to more timelines in which parts of you need more healing. Long cycles of suffering and limitations cannot be healed overnight. Healing is a practice that requires discipline and patience, comparable to a healthy diet and exercise. You would not have a healthy body if you did not take care of it on a daily basis. The health of your aura depends on a daily discipline and the acceptance of the constant inflow of solar energies and the energies of your own soul.

 An alternative method that works in many cases is done by cutting chords and specific points that keep energies attached to our energetic system. You might remember from Chapter 9 the exercises in which you would remove small fragments of energy attached to you while recovering your own energies, and then cutting chords. In the following exercise, without having to remove mentally the intruding energies, you will remove the points that keep these attached to you and automatically the removing and integration process will take place, leading to an automatic auric repair.

When you detect a presence attached to your aura focus on cutting the chords where they are attached to you by pinching them with a bright energy, for example white. Pinch the parts where the fragments are attached to you using the same method. You can do this simultaneously with many entities within your aura and outside your aura. When the tips of the chords are dissolved or detached from you the entities or fragments will leave on their own and you will bring forth automatically lost energy that belongs to you allowing you to close the auric rips.

Figure 53. By pinching the tips of the chords or pieces that keep fragments attached to your aura using a bright energy you will detach these intruding energies and they will leave on their own while energy that belongs to you will come back to you and your aura will be repaired.


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