As a complementary material to the soul retrieval process I share with you a list of fears, wounds, patterns, tendencies, phobias, root causes and consequences that I wrote in 2012 in order to assist myself in understanding so many conscious and subconscious patterns stemming from minor and major traumatic experiences and programming. Additionally to it, I added also some that apply in general to society after many difficult periods in history marked by catastrophic events. This list served to me as a basis before beginning the conscious soul retrieval process.

You will notice how many of these are very general, while others are associated to very specific situations. Originally I had created this list to use it along with a dowsing method although things took a very different course. As I read it, I can still see the usefulness. You can add to these lists more ideas and experiences that can come to your mind.

Figure 45. Untitled by Karla Segura

General common traumatic experiences with family, friends, acquaintances and strangers

1. Individuals abusing me emotionally, mentally and sexually; me abusing individuals at these levels.

2. Individuals engaging in acts of infidelity against me, me engaging likewise.

3. Intentional abandonment from individuals towards me, me abandoning others likewise.

4. Individuals harming me physically in wars, disputes, fights, robbery, extortion, abductions, and experiments; me harming individuals likewise.

5. Disputes, fights, wars, deaths, separations, violence caused by ideological differences between me and individuals.

6. Individuals lying to me, betraying me and hiding information from me; me lying, betraying and hiding information likewise.

7. Situations that trigger disempowerment and feelings of being victims of individuals’ actions against me.

8. Loses associated to deaths and separations from individuals who are close to me emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

9. Emotional, physical, mental neglectfulness from individuals towards me, me neglecting individuals likewise.

10. Individuals raping me and incurring in incest between me, me incurring in such actions likewise.

11. Experiencing poverty and lack of material resources, including the ones that fill our basic needs.

12. Discrimination and physical, emotional and mental abuse for feeling and displaying attraction towards individuals of same gender, individuals of other races and cultures.

13. Distress and difficult experiences associated to taking care of elder people, neglecting them, witnessing deterioration of their health, and witnessing their death.

14. Situations associated to being abused physically, emotionally and mentally by elder people.

15. Situations associated to the loss of material possessions caused by other individuals intentionally and unintentionally.

16. Individuals invalidating my experiences, perspectives, opinions and actions when expressing myself.

17. Conflicts regarding jealousy and envy from individuals towards me, me engaging in conflicts likewise.

18. Individuals punishing me physically, emotionally and mentally, me punishing likewise for justifiable (depending on the perception of all parties) and non-justifiable cases.

19. Discrimination, racial prejudices and separatism from individuals towards me; me acting and displaying attitudes likewise.

20. False accusations and defamation from myself towards individuals, individuals doing me likewise.

21. Me harming individuals physically to gain power and control over them, individuals harming me likewise.

22. Individuals harming me physically, emotionally and mentally in order to gain material gains, me doing likewise.

23. Extreme thirst for material possessions leading to a change in character and decisions that are harmful for both myself and others alike.

24. Conflicting situations regarding others not being able to communicate feelings and ideas openly to me.

25. Painful situations regarding separations and distance from loved ones because of lack of communication and lack of trust.

26. Receive negative feedback and criticizing whenever we display positive attitudes or do something positive for individuals and ourselves.

27. Separation and/or distancing from a loved one and at the moment or after the separation/distancing occurs, the loved one suffers from a difficult/painful/dramatic experience that represents a threat to his/her emotional, physical and/or mental integrity.

28. Mocking someone or others having mocked us and insulting or receiving insults.

29. Being stripped of our material possessions or having stripped others of their possessions.

30. Emotionally blackmailed and/or extorted under diverse circumstances to be forced against our will to act in detrimental ways for me and other individuals.

31. To justify, defend, believe in ideas and discover and/or being let known by others that those were false.

32. Having been excluded, expelled, discriminated from an educational institution.

33. Loved ones denying us, our connections, disowning us.

34. Loved ones turning over us to people who harmed us in the past.

35. People making fun of our hardships and suffering.

36. Conspiracies and plots against us from loved ones and other individuals.

37. Loved ones distancing from us, avoiding us and not talking to us anymore.

38. Loved ones and others poisoning and putting other loved ones and others against us.

39. Isolation and imprisonment caused to us by strangers and loved ones.

40. Experiences and situations about having lost our families and other loved ones under different circumstances in present and/or past lives.

41. Deprivation of basic needs like food, water, and other basic needs because of lack of resources and other factors.

42. Experienced death in the past without having been able to communicate and/or see loved ones.

43. Being forced to consume food, drinks and other unpleasant and/or harmful substances.

44. Changing attitudes towards us from loved ones and feeling that they abandoned us and didn’t do anything to assist us under certain tough situations and circumstances in the past.

45. Physical disfigurement and others unable to accept us and love us stemming from past events.

46. Physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse in children under different circumstances.

47. Forcing concepts, ideas and perceptions to individuals about events and situations that, because of their own reasons they can’t accept; me being forced likewise.

48. Family members and other loved ones being abducted, separated from us and harmed.

49. Experiencing loss of our children in abductions, wars, fights and other similar conflicts.

50. Witnessing children, including ours, being harmed and/or murdered.

51. Witnessing humanoid beings, non-humanoid beings and/or humans in the physical plane.

52. Witnessing individuals torture and/or murder animals.

53. Listening to unpleasant sounds, loud noises, noises associated to beings experiencing pain, being harmed, harming others, screaming and other kinds of sounds that cause discomfort, pain, trauma and fear.

54. Witnessing others having sex.

55. Witnessing others being unfaithful to us by having sex with others and/or others witnessing us being unfaithful by having sex.

56. Lack of the father figure and/or mother figure during childhood and later stages.

57. Parents and other loved ones punishing us and ridiculing us for showing and expressing our feelings and emotions.

58. Trauma of being born.

59. Lack of approval from our loved ones since early childhood and later stages.

60. Having seen our parents fight, disagree and incurring in physical, mental and emotional abuse, as well as other siblings since early childhood.

61. Having heard and felt our parents not wanting us, denying us and even said we shouldn’t have been born in many ways.

62. Parents and other loved ones repeating us constantly how other loved ones, including the parents themselves have denied us, criticized us negatively and other painful statements.

63. Parents constantly comparing us with other relatives and strangers, making us feel not competent or capable, and not deserving.

64. Constant blackmailing from people telling us they will abandon us, they will die and/or we will be punished because we don’t behave the way they expect from us.

65. Loved ones and others displaying attitudes, consciously and unconsciously to exclude us in many ways.

66. Others telling us and displaying attitudes of superiority, false mastery and letting us know how efficient and efficacious they are in all they do unlike us.

67. Receiving pressures since childhood and up to this day of all kinds about us having to become competitive in all areas of existence.

68. Loved ones and others disapproving the relationships we choose in our lives.

Specific traumatic situations

Agoraphobia and claustrophobia

1. Situations associated to me being held captive intentionally in small closed spaces; me holding captive individuals likewise.

2. Situations associated to staying in a small closed space accidentally.

3. Situations associated to individuals locking me in a small closed space as a prank; me locking individuals likewise.

4. Situations associated to losing myself in wide open spaces.

5. Situations associated to open empty spaces and being in spaces crowded with individuals.

Natural disasters

1. Situations associated to being in the middle of natural disasters and witnessing as consequence damage on other individuals physically, emotionally and mentally, environment.

2. Situations associated to being directly affected by natural disasters physically, emotionally and mentally.

3. Situations associated to my material possessions being affected by natural disasters.

4. Situations associated to being caught in the middle of thunderstorms and lightning, being struck by lightning, material possessions damaged by lightning, seeing individuals being struck by lightning, dying and seeing individuals die when being struck by lightning.

Religions, cults, spiritual practices, belief systems

1. Discrepancies in perception regarding the Christ consciousness in each individual and their attitudes and actions from individuals towards me, me acting and behaving likewise.

2. Me using black magic and curses in individuals to harm physically, emotionally and mentally; individuals using black magic on myself likewise.

3. Fears associated to paranormal phenomena and non-human beings.

4. Abuse and mistreatment of animals and killing by the use of black magic and other ritualistic practices.

5. Preaching and misguiding individuals and masses within religious cults and organizations.

6. Inducing others to commit suicide individually and en masse for different purposes and causes.

7. Witnessing black magic rituals through sexual acts and/or others witnessing us doing black magic rituals using sex.

8. Witnessing negative rituals and practices involving the use of black magic and other disturbing practices.

Technology, governments and Earth

1. Use and abuse of technologies to harm individuals physically, emotionally and mentally; individuals harming me likewise.

2. Abuse and mistreatment of animals and ecosystems during the process of manufacturing and production of foods.

3. Mistreatment and abuse of animals within households and human settlements.

4. Abuse and mistreatment of animals in industries by experimenting on them and genetic experiments on them.

5. Abuse and mistreatment of people in industrial experiments and genetic experiments.

Abuse of power and leadership roles

1. Prostitution, people trafficking, slavery, and all kinds of moral degradation from individuals towards me, me likewise.

2. Keeping people under deplorable conditions, such as long labor days without rest, lack of hygiene, abandonment, lack of goods to cover basic needs; individuals keeping me likewise under such conditions.

3. Dictatorship practices and attitudes towards me; me towards others likewise.

4. Having experienced negative encounters with authorities, like police officers, military and other high rank officials.

5. Having experienced negative situations with individuals that work in government departments like lawyers, administrative officials and others holding similar positions.

6. Children prostitution.

7. Misuse of financial resources for egotistic purposes and/or corrupt transactions and business.

Drugs and other harmful substances

1. Consumption, production and distribution of drugs on small and grand scale.

2. Taking, abusing, distributing and producing alcoholic beverages, marihuana, crack, cocaine, LSD, hashish, hallucinogens, harmful and psychoactive mushrooms, opioids, cigarettes and cigars, morphine, heroin, methamphetamines, ecstasy, toxic substances and chemicals, codeine, caffeine, barbiturates, prescriptions drugs, smells, harmful sensations, organic and inorganic substances for the following reasons:

-Beliefs and ideas regarding the intake of drugs to suppress feelings and emotions stemming from painful situations with other individuals.

-Beliefs and ideas regarding the intake of drugs to exalt feelings and emotions while interacting with individuals.

-Beliefs and ideas regarding the intake of drugs to induce sexual behaviors with individuals.

-Beliefs and ideas regarding the intake of drugs to overcome overweight problems.-Beliefs and ideas regarding the intake of drugs to fit in social groups.

-Beliefs and ideas regarding the intake of drugs to gain physical strength to compete with other individuals.

-Beliefs and ideas regarding the intake of alcohol to increase the body’s temperature.

-Beliefs and ideas regarding the intake of drugs to overcome insomnia and sleep patterns problems.

-Beliefs and ideas regarding the intake of drugs to overcome depression.

-Beliefs and ideas regarding the intake of drugs to overcome stress.

-Beliefs and ideas regarding drugs relieving physical pain.

-Dealing with physical pain and disease caused by accidents.

-Dealing with terminal diseases as a way to relieve pain, despair, not accepting my conditions, disappointment, sadness, depression.

-Beliefs and ideas regarding the use of drugs to challenge the established paradigms.

-As a way to perpetuate self-destructive attitudes and deal with low self-esteem.

-Beliefs and ideas regarding the use of drugs to overcome feelings of boredom and that nothing changes in my current reality.

-As a way to deal with the pressure of participating in wars and dealing with violence stemming from wars.

-Beliefs and ideas regarding the use of drugs to commit acts of violence, crimes and murder during wars, disputes, fights.

-Beliefs and ideas regarding the use of drugs to be able to overcome social pressures and demands from individuals that consume and promote the use of drugs.

-Beliefs and ideas regarding the use of drugs to have spiritual experiences and altered states of consciousness.


1. Manipulation and using children for warfare.

2. Separation and abandonment of loved ones and others because of their decisions of going to wars and us abandoning and separating from our loved ones and others because of going to wars.

3. Witnessing deaths of our loved ones and others during wars and them witnessing us die during wars, and/or receiving news about our loved ones and others perishing during wars and vice versa.

4. Being forced to leave our homes to live in war zones and areas where there are other kinds of conflicts.

5. Feelings associated to our loved ones and others fighting in wars and the uncertainty of them coming back and/or expecting them to never return.

6. Fearful expectations of us being called to participate in wars, and/or our loved ones and others being called to participate in wars.

7. Witnessing our loved one and others come back from wars and other conflicts in a vulnerable state (physically, emotionally, mentally) and/or them witnessing us come back from wars and other conflicts in such vulnerable states.

8. Taking care of loved ones and others who were involved in wars and other similar conflicts and/or them taking care of us after being involved in such situations.


1. To speak in front of an audience and being ridiculed, disqualified.

2. Becoming disoriented and losing one’s way or having experienced seen a loved one losing their way .

3. Massive abuse, mistreatment and mass murders of animals.

4. Massive abuse, mistreatment and murders of children.

5. Separation and abandonment of loved ones and others because of their decisions to migrate to other regions under several circumstances and/or us abandoning and separating from them because of the need to migrate to other regions.

6. Threatening situations associated to seeing and being frightened and/or attacked by individuals, animals, devices in a dark place.

7. Listening to unpleasant sounds, loud noises, noises associated to individuals experiencing pain, being harmed, screaming, noises that can harm the ears.

8. Situations associated to objects stuck in one’s throat and mouth, inhaling substances and taking drugs that induce vomiting.

9. Threatening situations associated to being attacked by individuals in streets, alleys, avenues, roads.

10. Situations associated to being run over and hit by cars, trucks, bicycles, trains, public transportation, motorcycles.

11. Threatening situations inside subways associated to being attacked by individuals, losing my way, being hit and run over by the train.

12. Situations associated to food poisoning.

13. Threatening situations associated to riding and driving cars, trucks, bicycles, trains, public transportation, motorcycles.

14. Situations associated to being scratched by individuals with nails and other objects.

15. Threatening situations associated to choking and clogging when swallowing liquids, foods and objects.

16. Threatening situations being strangled, hanged, decapitated.

17. Situations associated to seeing individuals being mutilated and amputated by other individuals intentionally, accidentally and being mutilated and amputated accidentally and intentionally by the use of machines at work, using tools, by vehicles, falling, heavy objects falling on individuals, objects been thrown at individuals, objects hitting individuals, individuals smashing against objects and solid areas.

18. Situations associated to being burnt accidentally and intentionally by other individuals in the stake, at home, public events, at school, at work, forest fires, fires started at home and public spaces unintentionally, during vehicle accidents.

19. Individuals harming me physically causing temporary and permanent damage in my nervous system, example: paralysis.

Water, air and heights

1. Threatening situations associated to drowning in rivers, beaches, the sea, lakes, pools, wells, and other areas with water.

2. Threatening situations associated to taking showers.

3. Threatening situations associated to being at the edge of tall buildings, tall structures, natural formations, ladders, chairs, flying means of transportation.

4. Situations associated to air swallowing, inhaling noxious substances and smoke.

5. Situations associated to inhaling dust, being covered by dust, dusty places, being caught up in the middle of gusts with dust.

6. Threatening situations associated to piloting and flying on helicopters, airplanes, space ships, space stations, flying in hot air-balloons, parachutes.


1. Situations associated to bugs, spiders, worms, bees, wasps, ants, scorpions, flies, mosquitoes, mites, termites that cause itching, biting, stinging.

2. Threatening encounters with tigers, lions, jaguars, panthers, cougars, leopards, cheetahs, lynxes, ocelots, pumas, bobcats, cats, caracals, margays, jaguarundis, servals, wildcats.

3. Situations associated with reptiles.

4. Threatening encounters with dogs, coyotes, wolves, foxes, jackals, and dholes.

5. Threatening encounters with falcons, eagles, hawks, and other kinds of birds.

Programming as a consequence of traumatic experiences and actions

1. Feelings of my path being filled with difficult obstacles that keep me stuck in slow motion or stagnant, preventing me from progressing unlike others whose path seems to flow smoother and with more support.

2. Individuals implanting in me the idea that I am weak and incapable of doing accomplishments on my own, self-image of weakness and incapability of doing accomplishments likewise.

3. Intolerance to receive orders, instructions and suggestions from individuals.

4. Expectations of receiving gratifications, approval, praise and favors from individuals in return of favors, responsibilities and voluntary actions I chose.

5. Belief about being alone and not having available enough support from individuals to solve problems.

6. Ideas of physical ugliness and judgments of the kind from individuals towards me, me judging and holding ideas of individuals likewise.

7. Ideas and beliefs associated to individuals of the same gender displaying affection towards each other verbally, emotionally and physically

8. Ideas and beliefs associated to individuals of the same gender displaying affection towards each other sexually.

9. Ideas and beliefs associated to elders’ physical, emotional and mental needs.

10. Ideas and beliefs associated to individuals’ culture, physical traits and needs, who originate from another location where culture is different.

11. Fear and ideas regarding the image I project towards others and how others may see me or think about me.

12. Disappointment of individuals when my perception about them changes no longer perceiving them as perfect, individuals disappointed of myself likewise.

13. Inability to be honest with myself and confront my core issues because of self-judgement, guilt, shame.

14. Ravings about being persecuted and harmed by individuals.

15. Feelings of defeat and having failed in tasks and missions in all kinds of situations.

16. Shamefulness, dishonor, disgrace.

17. Inability to be who I am in front of individuals and introduce myself as I am because of ideas and beliefs of being judged.

18. Guilt because of the false perception of not fulfilling other individuals’ expectations.

19. Inability to listen to individuals because of impatience, individuals being impatient towards me likewise.

20. Lack of tolerance in situations that individuals have to go through which are out of my control even if I perceive them as negative and harmful for them and myself.

21. Lack of respect for the decisions others have chosen to take even if in our own perception they are negative and unable to comprehend fully the reasons and growth behind such decisions.

22. Doubts about developing all my potential and disbelief in all I can accomplish.

23. Beliefs about negative experiences and situations with other individuals repeating constantly and indefinitely in the present and future creating cycles of fear and mistrust.

24. Inability to communicate feelings to others openly out of lack of trust towards others and oneself.

25. Expecting changes in other individuals and situations that simply cannot be changed.

26. Fears of uncertainty and the unknown.

27. Feelings of being forced to follow social rules and practices even if these can be detrimental for me.

28. Beliefs about not deserving love in all its possible manifestations, tangible and intangible.

29. Being influenced by perspectives, advice and opinions that are not in my highest interest regarding situations in which I don’t feel enough clarity and confidence.

30. Vulnerability and anxiety of being in an unknown place with unknown people.

31. Confront dilemmas and difficult experiences feeling we have a limited amount of options to solve them.

32. Feelings of vulnerability and disability at mental, emotional and/or physical level under diverse circumstances. (examples: having to use a wheel chair or aging)

33. Expecting the worst-case scenarios.

34. Feelings of being judged and being seen in a vulnerable state physically, emotionally and/or mentally.

35. Feelings of being compared when being in a vulnerable state physically, emotionally and/or mentally to our previous state(s) of wellbeing.

36. Not being able to see, experience or perceive with our senses what surrounds us and happens to others the same way they do and feel for that reason that we are doing something wrong or that there is something wrong in others and/or ourselves.

37. Feeling alien penalty and shame of expressing ourselves and be who we are with others when there are third parties observing/interacting and we feel shame about what the other one does or say in front of them.

38. Feeling alien penalty because of the image loved ones might project to third parties because of our own insecurities.

39. Experiences, situations and beliefs that make us feel that there are no solutions to problems, all is lost and our faith is gone.

40. Feeling uncomfortable for the discomfort of others and feeling they blame us for their discomforts.

41. Feeling a false sense of responsibility for the well-being of others when we are not responsible for their discomforts.

42. Feeling pain and offense when our loved ones are being offended and/or misunderstood.

43. Feelings of further alienation, abandonment and frustration as consequence of a feeling of separation from all the beings of the Cosmos due to the limited perception of the senses and wounds.

44. Inabilities and beliefs regarding the lack of training and/or formal education to develop our abilities, talents and potential.

45. Labels about us and others based on our physical appearance.

46. Distorted ideas and shamefulness regarding natural and biological processes inherent to the physical body.

47. Distorted ideas and labeling natural and biological processes inherent to the physical body as “bad”.

48. Individual differences and comparisons in biological processes and biological needs.

49. Discomforts and self-punishment for having made mistakes and having deceived oneself under different circumstances.

50. Situations and experiences that motivated us to accumulate false definitions and false identities to be able to stand out in front of other individuals.

51. Feelings of losing ourselves between masses of individuals when we detach from our labels, definitions and identities.

52. Unable to accept that our loved ones experience situations that might change their mindset to a fear-based one when it might be a necessary part of their own growth and development.

53. Old conflicts and separations/distancing that might have caused in us the belief that they stopped loving us and caring about us.

54. Disguising and denying unsolved internal issues misusing information that we believe can compensate in us those unsolved issues.

55. Fears of what might happen after having left behind our labels and losing ourselves in a void without identity and nothing to be able to get attached to.

56. Inability to see and understand with clarity the infinite support that the whole Cosmos brings to us for our development because of self-imposed limitations.

57. Not being able to accomplish our goals and responsibilities because in our own perception they are too big and we are not trustworthy and honorable enough.

58. Beliefs about not being good and undeserving of being assigned responsibilities by ourselves and others that in our perception seem too big.

59. Apprehensiveness associated to harming others physically, mentally and emotionally by accident without intending to cause harm.

60. Feelings associated to trying to reach our family physically and emotionally and other loved ones that seem unreachable associated to past life events.

61. Repulsions towards having to do tasks, assignments and getting involved in jobs that are distasteful for us and feelings of being forced to do them.

62. Feelings of not having a life of our own, not having a clear path and/or feelings that our lives have been removed from us.

63. Feelings of being alone in unknown places with unknown people. 64. Problems associated to authority figures stemming from our relationship to our parents.

65. Feelings of not having enough freedom to be who we are and do what our hearts motivate us to do.

66. In cases where we have experienced harsh situations, fear that loved ones could go through the same hardships.

67. Feelings and projections of being forced to be attached to places and people because of having been forced to live in places and interact with certain people in the past.

68. Paranoia associated to being persecuted and menaced.

69. Feelings of situations never changing and that tough experiences will never end and/or improve.

70. Feelings of having been substituted by our loved ones.

71. Feelings that time passed, the world left us behind and that we wasted our time because of past experiences. Example: having been abducted, isolated, etc…

72. Feelings of loved ones forgetting us, moving on without us and becoming indifferent towards us, careless.

73. Problems and beliefs associated to aging, losing our senses and losing our reason/mind.

74. Unwillingness to accept help from others because of lack of trust and/or because the ones who want to aid us aren’t the ones we expect to aid us.

75. Feelings of not being able to do things right like we used to do them and/or being able to do new things.

76. Fear of freedom. Example, if in past lives or this one we were imprisoned, we are afraid of our new freedom after being released as we don’t know where we are heading or cope with the memories of what we left behind, as well as the uncertainty.

77. Fear of tarting a new stages in life.

78. Fear of meeting new people.

79. Fear of new experiences.

80. Inability to be able to talk and express ourselves about harsh past events with others.

81. Feelings of having been betrayed, given away, denounced by our loved ones without a right cause and not knowing the real causes behind their motives.

82. Wanting to die, abandon the planet and not wanting to continue in our life paths associated to past events in other lifetimes.

83. Attachments to our physical body, beliefs about the physical body being the most and only important aspect of us, narcissism.

84. Self-abuse of the physical body by wasting sexual energy.

85. Excessive consumption of foods and drinks.

86. Inability to accept and denial of situations and events around us that in our own perception can damage us if we accept they exist.

87. Inability to accept and understand that there are events and situations that in our own perception can be harmful for others and/or ourselves and we cannot control, but are necessary for the growth of the ones who experience them.

88. Beliefs regarding events and situations that are harmful for others around us can also harm us even when we know we are not meant to experience them.

89. Inability to accept that we are doing things and saying things that are harmful for others, as accepting them might bring judgment and punishment from others and ourselves creating further cycles of pain and conflict.

90. Feelings that our talents and practices are unaccepted and unappreciated by society and loved ones.

91. Feelings of being pressured by societal rules and rules within the family that makes us in turn repress our feelings and emotions as opposed to what we truly desire to express and feel.

92. Self-judgement of doing things wrong, and trying to be perfect

93. Beliefs and ideas associated to authoritarian figures that are out there to punish us and judge us, as an example the typical cases of an angry God-father that demands obedience and/or authoritarian mother figures too.

94. Beliefs and ideas associated to being sent to places to be judged and sentenced, as an example a “Hell”.

95. Feelings of impotence in diverse situations and experiences.

96. Feelings of sexual impotence.

97. Beliefs and ideas of not being able to receive love and/or others not wanting to give us love.

98. Others disappointing us and/or us disappointing others constantly.

99. Feelings associated to not being respected and/or not being able to respect others as a consequence.

100. Feelings of disappointment, anger, rage, sadness, distrust of seeing others give “more love” to others than what they give to us.

101. Fears of confronting loved ones and others in general and/or others confronting us.

102. Feelings of not having a strong, grounded and firm identity.

103. Feelings of being too small, too insignificant among the masses and the whole Cosmos.

104. Fear of death and/or disappearing.

105. Feelings of emotional and physical rejection from loved ones and others.

106. Lack of having our own space and/or others intruding us in many ways.

107. Energetic intrusion and psychic attacks from others around us.

108. Beliefs, ideas and feelings of others being too busy to pay attention to us and care about us and vice versa.

109. Fear of intimacy.

110. Alienation, not being able to fit anywhere, feelings of inadequacy.

111. Beliefs and ideas about not being able to find a place (physical, within society and our family) that suits us.

112. Beliefs and ideas about not being able to have a harmonious family.

113. Misconceptions and disappointments about role models because of lack of information/and or imposed beliefs by society.

114. Blaming others for our discomforts, ideas and beliefs.

115. Feelings, ideas and beliefs about loved ones and others showing traits and characteristics towards others that in our own perception are false and dishonest.

116. Misconceptions, ideas and beliefs about letting others abuse us because we have to stay with them and support them even if it is detrimental for us because of a limited notion of what being unconditional to others is.

117. Feelings, beliefs and ideas that we cannot recover, heal and move on from our illness, problems, patterns, fears, wounds…etc.

118. Feelings, beliefs and ideas of this world not being fair and that others are not fair with us and with each other.

119. Feelings, ideas, beliefs that negative emotions should not be displayed in front of others, especially with certain figures we see as more skilled and knowledgeable.

120. Beliefs about not being able to have negative thoughts as something bad could happen to us, others, or that we might be judged.

121. Feelings, beliefs and ideas of others being responsible for us in many ways.

122. Feelings, beliefs and ideas that our rights and our free will have been violated, suppressed or are non-existent.

123. Feelings and blaming others of being insensitive towards us.

124. Intolerance towards others letting us know our areas of opportunity.

125. What we consider to be mistakes we did in the past cannot be undone/solved/forgiven.

126. Beliefs, misconceptions, ideas about what we perceive as negative reinforcement confirming old fears, patterns and wounds.

127. Feelings about never being able to find someone to assist us in dire conditions.

128. Feelings of shame and guilt about bringing to our awareness our wounds, fears and patterns.

129. Aggressive reactions when others do not listen to us, fulfill our needs, and/or understand us.

130. Instilling guilt on our loved ones and others because of our perception of them being responsible for our needs and them not fulfilling these expectations, and our loved ones doing the same on us.

131. Justifying ourselves for aggressive, fearful, and manipulative behavior as in our own perception our reasons, arguments and motives are irrefutable and others doing the same to us.

132. Inability to accept that we are the ones who under many circumstances must change our attitudes and actions when facing conflicts, and/or situations we dislike.

133. Irritability, laziness and/or procrastination when facing responsibilities and letting/demanding from others that they be in charge of those responsibilities.

134. Irritability with others when in our own perception they are not facing or doing their responsibilities as we think they should do them.

135. Skepticism regarding others showing/displaying love in its manifestations and skepticism about us being capable of giving/displaying love towards others.

136. Unable to move on past experiences that we considered had been fulfilling and beneficial and are no longer available.

137. Comparing our current situations and relationships to past experiences we consider either positive and/or negative and unable to enjoy the current ones.

138. Inability to respect our-selves and our own space when we feel the need to spend time alone.

139. Inability to respect others when they need to be in their own space and spend time alone.

140. Inability to communicate others about our own need to be alone and be given enough space.

141. Discomforts associated to others expecting from us that we can read their minds and understand without them telling us about their needs and them becoming hurt and/or upset with us.

142. Dominating and manipulative attitudes claiming that others are repressive and/or have stressful character.

143. Underestimating the character, potential and talents of others claiming they are weak and disabled in some way.

144. Overestimating the capacity of others to understand and be conscious of certain situations, as well as how they can use their potential, capabilities and talents, and becoming upset with them.

145. Having increasing expectations from others the closer we consider them to be as we get to know them more and/or as they already belong to our family and friend circles.

146. Isolation tendencies when we get involved in confrontations with others and/or we feel upset with them.

147. Maliciousness and passive-aggressive tendencies in us and others around us.

148. Beliefs associated to not needing anything from anyone.

149. Beliefs associated to not wanting or needing anything because anyway we will never get our needs fulfilled.

150. Beliefs associated to only becoming frustrated after asking for our needs to be fulfilled.

151. Beliefs about our own illness and vulnerable mental and emotional states to interfere in our professional lives, responsibilities and other areas of our lives besides relationships.

152. Mental programs: I can’t, I am not sure if I can, it can’t be done, I don’t know if I can do it.

153. Apprehensiveness associated to making mistakes that might affect the integrity of others and myself, might cause others to judge me and become upset with me.

154. Apprehensiveness associated to expressing my intimate feelings and emotions with other individuals and our love towards them believing that they might misunderstand us and judge us.

155. Intolerance and apprehension towards disorder and untidiness.

156. Feelings of a deceived humanity, and each individual deceiving themselves and for such reason feelings of further alienation and impotence.