A new era of peace, harmony and infinite Love has been born. For years we have been going through an intense process of integration at soul level as individuals and as a collective, as well as for our beautiful planet Earth. The old paradigm of separation is dying, but we are still going through our own individual evolutionary process leaving behind this paradigm each day. It would seem to many of you as if these words do not fit well into the paradigms we are currently seeing around us, as much would seem like an old song playing over and over again. The old songs of violence, greed, misunderstandings and grief have not died at all and they seem never ending, causing at this time great disappointment in many people. One of the wonders of this planet is that Creator has given many soul groups, each in very different spiritual paths, the opportunity to experience life in one single project. Thus the difficulties we see each day around us, as well as the discomforts of having to adapt to the so many levels of consciousness surrounding us and our very own path. To understand further the great suffering of Earth and humanity more in depth, I recommend reading the Michael Teachings files: Soul Ages.1

As each day passes, in spite of the great global shift having occurred by the end of 2012, we are still undergoing the big transformation process, to be able to create together and to witness with our own eyes our reality morphing physically and at all levels into the new paradigm of unity with individual freedom. Many have already been noticing the changes within themselves for a while, faster as the high solar, galactic, universal and cosmic energies permeate us. Solar and cosmic energies have increased over time and the Sun is indeed much brighter than before.

Figure 1. Solar radiation since 2013

Two of the current challenges we have to face during these years of transition are the so well known “ascension symptoms” as well as problems that arise with our loved ones and on a global scale. More and more are friendships and marriages disintegrating as we also witness so many leaving our planet at this time through a physical death. Extremes seem to play out more and more, while in other areas, balance and harmony are now being born in each of us as well as for our beloved Earth. New more balanced and loving partnerships are also being born each day.

Figure 2. Transition tendency

In order to smoothen and eliminate all those “ascension symptoms” over time as well as all these collective disagreements, we need to accelerate a very important healing process that is taking place. This process is what many term soul retrieval. We have been undergoing this healing process for a while, and many healers have been offering the service of retrieving the life force that has been lost for millennia for many individuals, currently and throughout ages. Others call this process a shamanic journey. It is important though, to become aware as to how this process is being done as not all of this process is happening automatically, or it happens too slow as compared to the acceleration of the solar and Cosmic particles entering Earth at this time. When we are unable to heal, the ascension symptoms become more intense and more prevalent and we keep repeating painful patterns in our lives.  This is something that shall not happen anymore in the future, it will persist for a while as the healings take some time to integrate and assimilate, but the symptoms shall be reduced as each day pass instead of increasing and creating further problems in our lives. Physical diseases, emotional and mental discomforts are accelerating as everything manifests faster, as we are now currently residing between the 3rd density and the 4th density even if it would not seem to be the case. There are still many dimensional gaps that must be closed in order to complete the process. Precisely for that same reason, it is important to empower ourselves and do these healings consciously on our own as this process holds the key to the physical transformation of our new reality. Everyone is a healer at heart.

What is soul retrieval?

Soul retrieval is the reintegration and healing of all fragments of life force that we lost during traumatic experiences in this lifetime and all our previous lifetimes when we were residing in the 3rd density and during these first stages of 4th density. It was a self-defense mechanism that would protect partially our mental, emotional and physical vessels at the time these events occurred. Imagine a situation in which someone was murdered in a violent way, or a sexual abuse took place, or the loss of someone loved through physical death. Other examples include the inability to cope with disease, being involved in wars or being a witness of some harsh event. These fragments of life force then become stuck into such experiences, in a specific space and the time where the event took place. This is what people often refer to as a specific dimension in a specific timeline. These fragments wander in the several layers of the lower astral and etheric realms, while other fragments of life force residing in the upper layers have offered some guidance to each one of us for a long time. These fragments are all aspects of us that need to be integrated at this time. It would seem as if these fragments wander around us all the time and stick to our auras or etheric/astral bodies in inappropriate ways as they are unable to be fully incorporated as they should. They are also attached to us through etheric chords. They cause all kinds of symptoms. Some people know the traces of energy in the non-physical layers of our planet as entities.

Figure 3. The astral/etheric realms are made of different layers called dimensions.  The black stains represent the lower layers or dimensions, while the grey and the lighter stains represent the energies in higher dimensions or layers.

Each fragment of life force not only contains the information of traumatic events, but also, since they are part of our soul and Higher Self, they also contain much knowledge and wisdom, which is additionally to the gift of healing, another gift that comes to us naturally as we integrate them once again to our being. With this process we activate our DNA fully and we repair our aura.

Sometimes fragments do not come to us as the separate pieces of the specific traumas, but they seem to integrate as larger pieces, thus bringing much confusion to those who become aware of them in the astral, very much as how we experience many times our dream state as a collection of mixed elements stored in our subconscious.

To make things a little more complex, usually we carry attached to our auras the fragments of other loved ones with whom we experienced traumatic events in our pasts, which are also a cause of physical disease and emotional and mental discomforts.  Sometimes we even feel their own discomforts without understanding the reasons. During soul retrievals, as we incorporate our lost fragments of life force, we also return to their rightful owners the fragments we carry around us and attached to us.

One of the qualities of the astral realms that make it so fluid is that all these fragments, as well as our etheric/astral body experience all these events in the Now as these timelines collapse into each other. For that reason so many often feel confused and label these as “entities, disincarnates, ghosts, demons…etc.” When we tap into the consciousness of these fragments, they project into many shapes and colors, and that also depends on how our senses can perceive them. In waking life it is not difficult to perceive them either, we can sense them more subtly, through odors in our environment, sensations, colorful sparks, smoky figures, shadows, and even voices.

Figure 4. Damaged aura with fragments or entities attached through chords.

One of the reasons why often people see many of these fragments as dark shadows or what seems like smoky figures is because when we have many non-integrated fragments, our subconscious and our basic senses cannot interpret them as energies of other colors or having a specific shape. As we heal our senses begin adjusting thus allowing us to perceive them in different ways or even to perceive them in less confusing ways as we integrate enough of them.

It is a procedure that only requires some of our daily time. The year 2013 was in particular a very important year and the upcoming decades so that we are able to heal and integrate all the life force we have lost during the past millennia, repairing our aura and activating our DNA fully.

In this manual I explain in some very easy steps how to integrate our lost fragments, becoming more and more whole each time. If we are suffering from several conditions, physical, emotional and mental, patience is required as it is a process that takes some time to assimilate and integrate fully but I can assure you will start noticing changes even after the first meditations. If you have much time for yourself during the day, practice as much as you can as the current solar and cosmic energies and the photon belt facilitate the integration and healing of fragments.

Getting started

You will only need to use a tool or two in order to accelerate and amplify the process of soul retrieval. Initially as an option, the required tools are one or more crystals as these wonderful elemental conscious beings allow the flow of the necessary energies, thus repairing our aura, balancing our chakras and adding or removing energy frequencies in all our system. Another tool that is optional yet I do recommend it, is a notepad in which you will create a list of all emotional discomforts you have experienced over time as detailed as possible in the form of a list.

You can do this healing without crystals, the procedure is the same.

There are two ways to do this, one is by becoming fully aware of all the process and paying attention to all the details that you might feel are important, or you can just work with energy and allow both the flow of emotions and physical sensations without further analysis. It will depend on how much you want to learn from it, how much time you can dedicate to the process and how much information your Higher Self and I AM Presence considers appropriate for you to receive.

Please identify the crystals you have at home and get to know their properties, anyway I will explain further on how to choose them for each meditation.

Be sure to use a notepad to write your experiences before and after meditation as it will be important to read them as you progress for each element contains a valuable piece of information that links to the next ones.

Soul retrieval is a very rich experience that allows several abilities to be activated as well as a very creative process from which you will learn a great deal. It can be fun as you begin to build the puzzle of your very own being and understand all your life lessons and challenges. This journey can be complemented with other tools like astrology charts, dowsing methods and general information online regarding many of the problems humanity has faced throughout history as well as the current state of the collective. We tend to believe frequently that we are beings of goodness and that everything that happens outside of us is too alien to our essence, our convictions of being of service and unconditionally loving, as well as beings with morals. Personally, what I have found out in my own journey is that in past lives, I had a close relationship to so many of the problems I see around me, things I find despicable, heinous or intolerable creating a new mindset that allows more compassion and empathy, as well as ideas for solutions to such problems. This is where true manifestation will come from, from the knowledge of the collective, our very own soul and different timelines, in order to change how things were done and how they are still done by the majority without awareness.

Each physical ailment has a root cause in our past, and most of the time we are not aware of their causes. It all starts in the ethers and condenses in the physical.

As we learn to use our crystals and gain enough practice and concentration during meditation, we begin to understand how our etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies are connected and how they are all connected to that of others we have been with for millennia in all kinds of relationships. We can even assist our pets!


You do not need to be an expert in meditation in order to do all the exercises. It is much simpler than we might think. While meditating you will use all your latent abilities, imagination and inspiration being the most important ones.

Grab a crystal you feel comfortable with, with one hand or both, but be sure to grab it tight. It can be a small one or a large one and just sit or lay down closing your eyes. Use some soothing music as it often helps with concentration and to avoid distraction from the outside. It is preferable to sit straight in order to avoid falling asleep, though at night, before going to sleep, it is also recommended to do it laying down as when falling asleep, the session can be fully integrated during dream state. Just be sure to use your crystals in a safe position at night to avoid any accidents as you fall asleep. For example you can use it below your pillow while grabbing it with your hand.

Ask your Higher Self, soul group consciousness, aspects of your soul, and the Universal I AM Presence to assist you during the process and to first let their presence as well as their masculine and feminine energies be known to you in a way you can identify them. Usually, their presence will come as a very symbolic shape, energy and colors. Let your imagination run wild without putting an effort in thinking about what you will see or experience. This is usually how the use of the heart and crown chakras work, while other times you will see images coming into your third eye.

Usually, the HS and I AM show up as angelic figures, totems, bright lights, a Mother and/ or a Father figure, as well as a child and also many of these are actually aspects of yourself.

Become fully aware during meditation of all your emotions, thoughts, voices, and physical sensations as you get more in touch with not only your physical body but also your etheric body in which many things will take place all the time.

One of the most important elements to consider and to begin to understand is the kind of frequencies you will be working with, which usually appear in the form of colors, or elements of certain colors as well as other symbolic forms of energies, such as fire, water, lightning, air…etc. Think about the seven basic rays of creation and other rays and the first 7 major chakras, which they are undergoing a constant transition thus changing colors. You do not have to understand fully all you will see or feel as the Higher Self and the subconscious know well.

Once you become familiar with the basics, your true essence and your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, you will become more acquainted with what people often term as the shadow self, ego, the inner wounded child…etc. It will be very important to listen and observe carefully all that we have denied, suppressed and judged for so long, for these aspects carry many gifts and as they become integrated and healed, they align to our Higher Self bringing forth wisdom, compassion and empathy, not only for ourselves but for humanity as a whole. Do not be afraid if you come across feelings of fear, anger, sorrow, and hear the voices of these fragments that would not seem so friendly or that might feel as a threat. You might see symbolic representations of these aspects that look dark, frightening or ambiguous too. None really are, they are only narrating the stories of the past, a past we all share and cannot deny. Ask them questions, and you will see that nothing is what it seems. You will never come across something you are not meant to integrate or work with as you are protected by your Highest Light. It is important to feel fully all our emotions and let all our thoughts flow, unlike many other practices that tend to suppress them and ask you to stay positive, this is no longer the case as the only way we can become Loving, joyful and positive is through the acknowledgement and healing of all those aspects we term as negative.

Sometimes you might not experience anything while meditating, except a subtle or a strong flow of energy. In such cases you are integrating fragments that require much rest and further meditation to access some of their knowledge. We usually integrate some chunks that lead to a sequence of symbols and archetypes or past life scenes, giving to us important clues as we progress and that assist in retrieving even more fragments.

Pay careful attention to your dreams as those will be associated to the process once you get started. These will also come to you as a mixture of symbols and elements that can be confusing at times and do not require further analysis. During dream state we can also retrieve many fragments, usually as complex dreams and astral experiences or as nightmares and night terrors, which is a very positive thing as this means you are retrieving energy that got lost during a very traumatic experience and you were not able to cope with the fear or other emotions.

Sometimes the challenging part of this process but in the end worth it and very necessary is the physical and emotional discomforts that can arise during meditation, after and during our resting time at night. If you experienced a harsh event in which you were harmed physically, as you retrieve the energy, you will feel the discomforts in the areas where you were harmed. It is important to experience the pains, but you do not have to experience it all at once in one session. You will not experience more than you can handle. You can do this in intervals each day until all the pains are gone and you recover your health once again. Also, if you experienced a difficult disease in past timelines, sometimes you will have to experience the discomforts of such as well because at the time you experienced them, you could not deal with them fully. Discomforts can feel very physical, while other times they are felt only at etheric level which is similar to physical but the quality does feel more energetic. Sometimes you will not even notice the discomforts as the healing will only bring sensations like hot flashes or goosebumps.

When you unblock your emotional system and you dissolve mental patterns that are detrimental for you, then you will have less physical discomforts and diseases will disappear like magic.

Also, not only in meditation can you practice these daily exercises but also when you are doing any activity that does not require much energy or movement or just relaxing, you can grab your crystals tight and let the emotions and the energy flow through you, whenever you feel physical discomfort and emotional highs and lows.

Choosing crystals

The most common and powerful crystals to be used for soul retrieval healing are all forms of clear quartz, all dark crystals such as obsidian, smoky quartz, black phantom quartz, black tourmaline and others, and all crystals that contain the seven basic frequencies.

The seven basic known frequencies are:








The dark crystals work with energies beyond the visible spectrum such as what we term “dark energy” which is a form of energy beyond electric and the opposite form of energy which is beyond magnetic. These two forms of energy are the basic energies of Creation, and from those, all combinations make up the structure of the Cosmos.

White and clear crystals are useful in working mostly with the visible spectrum.

As you see in meditation the many forms and colors of energy you are integrating and are required to heal, you can use combinations of crystals.

Metallic stones are also very useful, such as silver, gold, pyrite, platinum, and many others as among the combinations of rays are the ones that have metallic properties. They are also great tools to help us integrate and heal.

Healing your pets

We can assist our beloved pets by healing them as they too carry many traumas. Just by putting them in our laps and placing a crystal over them for a few minutes each day can make a difference. You will notice though, that as they heal, they too will feel the discomforts so we must be a bit cautious and grab them tight but not too tight as to not hurt them.

Enjoy the Journey

Soul retrieval can be fun if you think of it as the great puzzle of your life. Your Higher Self will allow you to explore as much as you need and learn as many details as are appropriate for your growth. If you like art then you will love meditating and boosting your imagination.

Do not get discouraged or impatient if during the first meditations you do not experience much, as it is a gradual process but it is very likely that during the first meditations you will already see and retrieve some large amounts of life force. For that reason it is highly recommended to use crystals.

If you have many physical and emotional discomforts, do not despair, it takes some daily discipline and it would seem at times as if certain ailments get worse some days, but in reality, as we integrate our life force, a process of experiencing some discomforts is normal. Very much like a table covered in dust that has not been touched in years. A strong wind starts blowing the table creating a cloud of dust that will take a little while to remove fully. Such is the process of soul retrieval. Consider that we are integrating and healing millennia of experiences and lessons.

My best wishes for you in this journey. If you have further questions please feel free to contact me:


1. Soul Ages- Excerpt from The World According to Michael,