Back to I AM by Karla Segura

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Welcome wanderers,  apprentices and skilled healers! Discover your inner world with a new light and take a fearless journey towards wholeness and wisdom.

Soul retrieval is  a natural process that has accelerated during the last decades, but you can empower yourself from now on by activating your healing abilities to the maximum. The Divine Will of your soul and the core of Creation is the remembrance of love and the understanding of existence itself. 

When soul retrieval takes place within your being and your beloved companions, a piece of Creation approaches its original essence with a new story to tell.

Soul retrieval is the art of healing, which involves the beauty of the Cosmic energies that are being poured each moment through the influx of solar energies, as well as the creative mind and heart of the soul of the one who heals and is being healed. Either you are aware of this process or you are not, yet the love is always there for you to take and to be felt in your heart.  Many souls wonder at this time why healing might seem soothing but also chaotic, constant but also confusing.

In many cultures, soul retrieval is known as shamanic healing. Shamans have known for a very long time that healing at the highest level takes place in the spiritual realms.

Become a skilled healer . Come and discover in depth how to heal your broken heart, and how to heal our beautiful Earth with a greater awareness of the subtle planes and physical reality.  You will see that there was never something to be afraid of, in your dreams or in the worlds that normally you do not see with your naked eyes.

Discover through each chapter colorful diagrams and examples that guide you, step by step, in simple and advanced ways, how to repair your aura, activate your DNA, remember other timelines,and get to know all the facets of your soul, as well as the multidimensional realities that surround you, and that merge with all of what you are.